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*Competition Team 

*Competition Classes information 2022/2023.​

Posted: May 25, 2022

Congratulations you have an invite to be part 

of our Competitive Team!

The Company / CREW placement you have been offered is listed in your pre-approved class list and can be accessed by logging into your KCDS account


Please read the following information. 


  • Companies & CREWS are named by where they take place in our dance week. 

  • Company Dancers in Companies, 2, 3, 4 register for RAD Exam Ballet, Company Tech Class, Company Class and Tap. 

  • CREW Dances registering in CREWs are required to take 1 additional class (jazz, hip hop, tap, ballet etc)

  • Log into your KCDS account.  You will be asked to accept your waiver.  Once your waiver has been accepted click on 'enrol in my pre approved classes' - if you are interested in a dance discipline that is not listed in your pre approved classes please let us know.

  • Your pre-approved class list is based on your 22/23 classes.   In the case were there is more than 1 option for a class we have listed all the options so you are able to choose. 

Your pre-approved classes will remain in your KCDS account until May 26 - Midnight.  Competition Team Registration will close May 26 at midnight.  


Please be reminded there were dancers that did not receive a placement offer with KCDS 2022/23 Competition Team.  We THANK YOU for keeping this in mind when posting on social media!  

Siblings of Competition Team Dancers may also register at this time. If your 2nd child has does not have approved classes on their list please contact us click here. 

Competition Team Dancers train and perform exclusively with Karen Clark Dance Studio Inc.

Karen Clark Dance Studio complete policies / pricing / withdrawal information is available on this site under the  'Handbook'  button. Please take time to review this information. Excerpts are listed below;



​$200.00 Competition Fee Deposit will be due in 3 payments 

  1. $100 at time of registration 

  2. $  50 on July 1

  3. $  50 on August 1

The deposit is refundable until September 30, 2022. That is the deadline for dropping for the Competition Team. 


To register you will require a credit card.  Payment is made by monthly charge to your Visa or MasterCard.   A valid credit card is required to keep your dancer in class, families my make a payment on their Karen Clark Dance Studio Account with cash or debit at any time.  We do not accept cheques.

  • Credit Card information will be entered into your account.  Registration fee will be charged at time of registration. Dance Tuition will be charged on the 1st of each month.  A receipt will be sent to your e-mail address.  Our system is set up to automatically send you a receipt when ever your credit card is charged. 

  • Competition Team Costume Deposit (Company & CREW) in the amount of $95.00/per class and due October 2 and will be charged to your credit card on October 2.  

  • RAD Exam ballet deposit in the amount of $85.00 per grade is due on November 3 and will be changed to your credit card on November 3. 


  • Withdrawal for KCDS COMPETITION TEAM DANCERS: September 30, 2022

KCDS Competition Team Dancers: Written notice (e-mail is acceptable) is required for withdrawal from class (es) and will be accepted until, September 30, 2022. Please submit your written notice to us by the 30th of the month. This will result in you not being charged on the 1st of the next month. After September 30, 2022 it is expected that dancers will remain with the studio Competition Team for the dance year, Sept 2022 to May 2023. Performance Fee Costume deposit(s) $95.00 class charged on October 2, 2022 and RAD Exam deposit(s) $85.00/grade are charged on November 3, 2022 class ~ are due after September 30, 2022 and are non-refundable.


Karen Clark Dance Studio  *Pricing for 22/23  *prices do not include GST

Dance fees are based on the instructional year, 8/9 months. A 1 hour class for the dance year cost is $524.00 (not including GST, registration fee and costume deposit.)  Dance tuition may be paid all in September or you may pay monthly for a 8/9 month period.   Example: The 8 month performance program offers 27 lessons for the dance year.  Monthly payment terms are for your convenience.  Lessons per month will vary.

Stage Dance session September-May (9 months)

  • 30 min - $340.00/Year, *8 payments of $42.50 starting September 1

  • 45 min - $394.00/Year, *8 payments of $49.25 starting September 1

  • 60 min - $524.00/Year, *8 payments of $65.50 starting September 1

  • 75 min - $655.20/Year, *8 payments of $81.90 starting September 1

  • 90 min - $786.24/Year, *8 payments of $98.28 starting September 1


RAD Exam Ballet Dance Session September - June (10 months.) Grade's 1 - 8 are 2 X 60 min a week

  • 30 min - $488.25/Year, *9 payments of $  54.25 starting September 1

  • 45 min - $599.40/Year, *9 payments of $  66.60 starting September 1

  • 60 min - $690.75/Year, *9 payments of $  76.75 starting September 1, double for 2 X week

  • 75 min - $812.25/year, *9 payments of $  90.25 starting September 1

  • 90 min - $938.25/Year, *9 payments of $104.25 starting September 1


Dancer Discounts

  • Dancers taking 2 classes - 2%

  • Dancers taking 3 classes - 3%

  • Dancers taking 4 classes - 4%

  • Dancers taking 5 classes - 5%

  • Dancers taking 6 classes - 8%

  • Dancers taking 7 classes - 10%

  • Dancers taking 8 + classes - 15%


During the Dance Year we encourage Parents to chat about their Dancer as we care about each of our dancers, the dance dreams they have and their success. Auditions are different: Challenging a Dancer’s placement, the results of an audition, asking for a Dancer to be moved -  is never appropriate.  If you are not wanting to accept the Competition Team Placement Offer - no problem. In accepting the Competition Team Placement offer we count on your trust, allowing us to place Dancers so we are able to celebrate success.  We have an exciting year planned and look forward to your Dancer being part of it. 

Thank you for choosing Karen Clark Dance Studio!

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