It is important to check back closer to our shows and review the 



 for any updates. 


Updates - if any, will be dated and coloured so they are easy to see.  

8/31/20 updates in orange


Social distancing will be in place and masks for our Audience will be required!  

Thank you 

for wearing

your mask!

Our Dancers will not require a mask while


August 24, 2020

Performing and giving!

We ask our Dance Families to bring a non-perishable food item when they come to perform.  Food items will be donated to the Victoria Mustard Seed

Thank you!


  • September 11, 12, 13 - please check your Dancer's 'Class Confirmation' sent to your email inbox on Monday, August 24. You will find your Dancer's show date and arrival time.  If you need your Dancer's 'Class Confirmation' resent please request that by sending us an email click here



  • Karen Clark Dance Studio - our parking lot set up will include our sound system, stage back drops, the Dance floor and tent structure will be provided by Black & White Event Rentals.  Our event will take place rain or shine. 


  • It's important to us that our Dancers can enjoy the element of performance and continue to build their confidence.  Holding our shows where we space out performances allows us all to monitor numbers while maintaining social distancing.


  • Every 30 minutes we will welcome a new class.  We have done our best to place Dancers involved in more than one class close together.  However it was not possible in all cases.   If your Dancer has time in between their performances we ask that you leave our parking area and return at your next performance time. 


  • Please arrive on time - at the time noted in your Dancer's 'Class Confirmation.'


  • Dancers will arrive performance ready.  This includes hair in a proper bun, or pony tail if your Dancer is performing hip hop only, light make up, dressed in their costume with appropriate dance shoes.  Dancer will remain in the family car until they are called by their teacher.  



  • Immediate Family only please (Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister) are invited to watch their Dancer Perform.  Families can park one car in the parking lot.  Back in if you choose to watch from your car or you are welcome to watch standing while social distancing and wearing a mask. We ask that if you leave your car you wear your mask - thank you!


  • Dancers on the 5/10/15/20/25 award list will receive their awards after their performance. Dancers will remain on the dance floor while the award names are called out.  The awards will then be picked up off the table. 


  • Mr Gordon will be joining us to take photos of the Dancers while they are performing.  These photos will be available for viewing to purchase on Mr Gordon's password protected web site.  You will receive an email with the password once the photos are available for viewing.

FEELING UNWELL - Please stay home

  • Dancers must feel 100% well to take part in Recital Reimagined.  Any Dancer who displays symptoms of the common cold, influenza or other infectious respiratory diseases must stay home.  Dancers with Family Members that are not feeling well are also asked to stay home. 


  • Q: If we are watching do we need a face mask?

  • A: Yes please bring your mask with you, if you leave your car we ask that you wear your mask please.  Dancers will not           need a face mask while performing. 

  • Q: Is there a dress rehearsal?

  • A: No dress rehearsal, Dancers have been working on their spacing in their dance classes. 

  • Q: Do we come early?

  • A: Please arrive at the time listed.  Every 30 min we will have a new class arrive.  You don't need to arrive early. 

  • Q: My Dancer has more than one dance and will need to change? ​

  • A: There will be an area under the covered car port behind the back drops for a quick change. Younger Dancers may               have 1 Parent assist them. Dancer will go back and wait in the car after to wait for their next performance.

  • Q: My Dancer's shoes don't fit.

  • A:  We don't expect you to buy new shoes.  Ballet - perhaps a pink pair of socks.  Tap / hip hop - what other shoes do they        have that they can wear?  As long as our Dancer is there to perform.  

  • Q: My Dancer's costume is tight.

  • A:  Maybe s/he can squeeze into their costume for their dance performance or they are welcome to wear all black to                perform in.  As long as our Dancer is there to perform we will be happy. 

  • Q: Will there be a video taken of the performances?

  • A: The studio will not be taking a video of each dance.  Parents are welcome to video their Dancer's performance. 

  • Q: Do we need tickets and is there a charge for Recital Reimagined?

  • A: There is no charge and no tickets required. 

  • Q: Last years Recital I gave my Dancer flowers, can I do that this year?

  • A: Yes, of course.  After Dancers are done their performance is the perfect time to present your Dancer.  A presentation         can be 1 carnation, a bouquet or anything in between. 

  • Q: Why are Families asked to bring a food item to donate?

  • A: We are lucky to be able to come back and finish off our dance year.  Having Dance in our lives is a blessing and we               want to give back to our community through our performing. 

  • Q: If a dancer was part of the TeamSTEP program do they attend to assist / watch with their class.

  • A: TeamSTEP is on pause for now, they will not attend Recital Reimagined unless they are performing. We look forward to       having our TeamSTEP Dancers back with us in the future. 

  • Q: Is there a washroom to use?

  • A: There is a washroom for emergencies.

  • Q: Is the Recital Reimagined the end of the 2019/2020 Dance Year?

  • A: Yes, for the Dance year that never seems to end - this is it!  We sincerely thank you for staying with us!