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*Competition Team

(Crew & Companies )

*Competition Classes information 2023/2024.​


Posted: Awards list, April 17, 2024

2024 Competition Dates 


APRIL 5-7, Victoria, BC










April 13 - 14, 2024.  

Port Theatre, 125 Front Street, Nanaimo BC 
























Hotel Info posted Monday, November 20

Hotels close to The Port Theatre: 

  • As Phoenix Dance Comp is on the island there will be families that don’t require a hotel stay. 

  • The schedule arrives about 3-4 weeks before the competition. 

  • Dancers in only 1 number may be able to come and go in one day. However we won't know for sure until the schedule arrives. 

  • It is suggested that we book the dates and then cancel once we receive our schedule.  

  • Dancers need to be there for their performance and their award session.

  • Although there are over all awards, each group performs one time. 

  • Dancers are welcome attend overall awards but it’s not necessary

  • You are welcome to book any hotel that works for you. 

  • It is suggested that pre-paying hotels that will result in no-refunds if cancelled/changed are not a good option as we won't have the schedule until closer to our competition date. 



Best Western Dorchester Hotel

Address: 70 Church St, Nanaimo, BC V9R 5H4

Phone(250) 754-6835, cut off date is February 12, 2024 and cancellation for each individual room is 7 days prior to the arrival date.

Website click here

2 Queen Bed Room from : $169.84


Courtyard by Marriott Nanaimo

Address: 100 Gordon St, Nanaimo, BC V9R 5J8

Phone: (250) 824-2705

Website click here

2 Queen Bed Room from: $194.00 for Bonvoy members (Bonvoy Membership is free)


Coast Bastion Hotel

Address: 11 Bastion St, Nanaimo, BC V9R 6E4

Phone: (250) 753-6601

Website click here

2 Queen Bed Room from: $238.00, hotel appears to be quite full for the weekend the competition is. However looking on Expedia it showed availability. 


2024 Performance Dates

KCDS Recitals - May 3 & 4 (2pm and 7pm)  UVIC Farquhar Auditorium. 


Posted February 29



Competition Dancer (Company, CREWs, Competition Classes) 

You will NOT need your costumes - please dress in black, hair in a bun - thank you. 


Performance Companies and CREWS

 Please see the Dress Rehearsal date

you need to attend

If you dress rehearsal crosses over with your ballet class please attend dress rehearsal. 

Jr Company- Dress Rehearsal April 25

Int Company- Dress Rehearsal April 24

Sr. Company-Dress Rehearsal April 25

Dancers Edge- Dress Rehearsal April 25


Crew 1- Dress Rehearsal April 25

Crew 2- Dress Rehearsal April 24

Crew 3- Dress Rehearsal April 25

Crew 4- Dress Rehearsal April 25

Crew 5- Dress Rehearsal April 23

OldSkoolCREW- Dress Rehearsal April 23

The Show- Dress Rehearsal April 25



Competition Team 

  • Companies and CREWS 

Competition Classes 

  • Sr Lyrical/Contemporary - Mon6:45-2, CC

  • Street Fusion Mon8:15-1, RB

  • Tap Extension-1 Mon8:45-1, RB

  • Jr. Lyrical-RAD, Tue4:15-2, TW

  • Int. Lyrical-RAD, Tue4:45-2, RE

  • Int. Contemporary-RADTue5:45-2, CH

  • Jazz/Lyrical Extension-1, Tue6:45-2, CH

  • Cont. Ensemble, Tue8:15-2, CH

  • Adv. Tap, Tue9:00-2, CH 

  • Int.Tap-Comp, Wed7:15-2, MM

  • Acro- Comp, Thu6:45-1, JD

  • Tap Extension-2, Thu7:00, RB

  • HH Extension-2, Thu9:15-2, RB

  • Jazz/Lyrical Extension-2, Thu7:45-2, RB

  • Jr. Tap, Friday3:30-2, RB

  • Sr. Tap, Friday4:45-2, RB

2024/2025 Competition Team Auditions 
Saturday, April 27, 2024


Thank you for choosing Karen Clark Dance Studio!

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