Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Studio Update

March 25, 2020





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Updated, July 6, 2020 - A note from Miss Karen

Later in July I will update the plan for reopening on August 4.

I will send out an email to all studio Families once the updated plan is on the web site.  

Updated June 3, 2020 - A note from Miss Karen

We continue to watch the phases as Victoria opens for business again.  I don't think the traditional recital as we know it will be happening.  I do want to be able to offer something for our year end and of course it has to be safe and reasonable to execute.  I don't have the exact answer just yet and will keep working on it and as soon as I do have the exact answer, I will be quick to share it!   ​

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Hello Studio Families ~ we think of you all at this time and we miss seeing you!   

We will not be returning as previously planned.  Here is our KCDS dance studio plan update: 


New Return Dates

  • August 4 - Studio wide as we prepare for Recitals

  • New Dress Rehearsal and Recital dates are listed below

Studio Tuition Freeze

  • Tuition is frozen for April (Stage & RAD Exam Ballet Classes) and May (RAD Exam Ballet classes) 2020. 

  • April tuition will be charged August 1, as we start back to dance August 4 - more info below. 

  • May tuition for RAD Exam Dancers only will not be charged. 

New Dates

  • Dress Rehearsals, August 31, September 1 & 2

  • Recitals, September 5 & 6

  • Ticket Sale Date, TBA


We're Back!  Aug 4 - 29 ~  All our Dancers back in the Dance Studio as we prepare for our year end show! 

  • April Tuition will be Charged on August 1, 2020

  • August 4 - 31 we will be running our 2019/2020 schedule

  • Photos week, August 18-22  

Show Time

  • Dress Rehearsals: August 31, September 1 & 2

  • Recitals: September 5 & 6

  • In August you will receive a NEW Event Confirmation email

  • letting you know which dress rehearsal and Recital your Dancer(s) will be in. 

  • Dress Rehearsal the week of August 31: no classes including RAD Ballet - we

  • will see our dancers at their Dress Rehearsals

September 7 - 30

  • Week of September 07 - studio is closed

  • Week of September 14 - studio is closed

  • Week of September 21 - studio is closed

October 1, 2020 - New Dance Year

  • 2020/2021 Dance Year Starts, Thursday, October 1, 2020 - with a new schedule

As we move forward the plan we have in place could change. It's one step at a time as we navigate through this and emerge on the other side!  YES we will emerge - healthy, strong and ready to get back to life!   We miss our Dancers and their Families!  Your support and patience is appreciated and helps us move through this temporary postponement as we look to the future!  We will continue to update our information for you as necessary and stay in touch through social media - "Don't Stop Believing ~ we'll be back!"   

Dress Rehearsals & Recitals 

As our shows are not until the fall we are taking some time to craft the best plan.  Once we are sure of what we are going to do we will update our Studio Families.