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POSTED: September 10 2021

Please watch for an updated

Communicable Disease plan coming the week of

October 25, 2021. 

Welcome to 2021/22 Dance Year
What to expect?

All Faculty at Karen Clark Dance Studio have been vaccinated. 

Communicable Disease Plan

What to expect? - here's a 59s video

Proof of Vaccination 

  • Karen Clark Dance Studio follows  Public Health Orders. 

  • Proof of Vaccination will be required for Dancers 12+ and/or any Family Member over the age of 12 that enters our building. 

  • Please submit a photo of your Dancer's Vaccination Card or Passport before their 1st class click here 

  • If your Dancers is not able to be Vaccinated please submit your Doctor's note before their 1st dance class click here

  • At this time until January 31, 2022 - with a possibility of extension.  Theatres require proof of Vaccination for anyone 12+ years to perform/be in the audience. Please keep this in mind when planning on attending recitals. 


  • Please wear your mask while entering/exiting the building and in common areas. 

  • While on the dance floor we strongly recommend Dancers wear their mask.  

Dance Studio Building

  • Our common areas, including the reception area, will be closed to all people except our Dancers.

Dancers arrive in time for class 

  • Dancers will enter up the stairs - door will open just before the start of class.

  • To our returning Dancers this will be just like last year.

  • Our New Dancers - you might need Mom/Dad/Caregiver to come in with you.  That's ok :) - Mom/Dad/Caregiver have your Vaccine Passport ready to show us. 


Dancers 12+ with class breaks

  • Dancers 12+ are allowed to stay in the building.

  • Dancers must be registered in classes - at this time your friends are not welcome to visit.  

Physical Distancing

  • "Indoor high intensity and low intensity group exercise is allowed with normal capacity." PHO click here.   We will strive for Physical distancing and encourage our dancers to respect the space of others.

  • Physical Teacher CorrectionACRO spotting, or contact choreography may occur. Dancers not comfortable will be directed in a new direction.


Dancers arrive ready to dance

  • Dancers arrive in dance attire please.  


Dance bag

  • Dancers may bring their dance bag. Dancers will place their dance bag by their bin. 

Water bottle / no food

  • Dancers will bring their full re-usable water bottle

  • No bringing food into the studio.


  • We will keep all our cleaning procedures in place. 

Feeling Unwell - Please stay home

  • Dancers must feel 100% well when attending dance class.  Any Dancer who displays symptoms of the common cold, influenza or other infectious respiratory diseases must stay home.  Dancers with Family Members that are not feeling well are also asked to stay home. 

Thank you

We sincerely thank you each of our Dance Families for their kindness, patience and perseverance!  These are such different times and we are grateful that if we have to on this journey - we are on it with your Dancer and you!  

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