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How to contact us during Highlight Concert - May 1?  

Send us an email please click here

Posted April, 23, 2022

UPDATED: April 25, 2022

UPDATED: April 27, 2022



Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival Highlight Concert

Dave Dunnet Community Theatre

2121 Cadboro Bay Rd

Highlights Concert is May 1, 2022. 2:00pm. Venue Dave Dunnet Community Theatre.   Being asked to perform in the Highlights Concert is an honour - it's were the awards are given out.  

The following Dances have been asked to perform-

  • Down to the Roots- Jazz

  • Jailhouse Rock- Tap

  • Black Widows- Acro

  • KixCREW - Hip Hop

  • A Thousand Miles- Tap

The following Dances have been chosen for an award-

  • KixCREW - Hip Hop - Picking up the award - AUSTIN FOLEY

  • Fresh Princesses- Hip Hop - Picking up the award - ABIGAIL PIGEON

  • Two & Four- Jazz - Picking up the award - BRIANNA ARCHAMBAULT

  • Down to the Roots- Jazz - Picking up the award - SYIERRA CHESTER

  • Too Close- Lyrical - Picking up the award - FAITH SQUIRE

  • How How- Tap - Picking up the award - ANNIKA KAARLS


   Q: How do we choose who picks up the award?

   A: We draw names. 

Dancers pick up awards  please wear your KCDS jacket

over your costume on stage.  Photos are welcome when 

dancers are picking up their awards. 



Updated April 12: The Theatre Covid Guidelines from the GVPAFestival.

    As of right now with the current ease of restrictions and guidelines in BC, we are allowing NO masks on stage and off of the stage, although we do encourage mask wearing while dancers/participants are warming up and moving throughout the backstage area. Doesn't hurt to be extra safe! 

At this time we also will NOT be scanning vaccine passports for audience members, dancers/participants or volunteers.  

  • Photography and videography is prohibited in the theatre.

  • Food & Drinks are not permitted in theatres unless otherwise stated.

  • Only Dancer permitted in the backstage area.


  • Due to the small dressing area please be mindful or your items. Keep your bags closed and your costumes/pieces together.  We have three recitals coming up and we need our costumes. 

  • Dancers please arrive with your hair and makeup done.

  • Please keep your area organized.

  • Please Keep your bag zipped up.

  • Tap Dancers: Please do not wear tap shoes anywhere in the Dave Dunnet Theatre or Oak Bay High School other than when performing on the stage. This is to protect the school's floors and respect their beautiful facility. You can wear socks over top of them then take them off once backstage.Company & CREW Dancers please have your competition team jacket during awards and if you go into the audience.


KCDS is in the 2nd half of the show. Parents if you are watching you are welcome to bring your Dancers earlier so you can get you ticket and sit in the theatre. 





Tickets for the Highlights Concert can be purchased upon arrival at the Dave Dunnet Theatre in Oak Bay High School. 

  • Adults-$12

  • Seniors-$8.00

  • Students-$8.00

  • 5 and Under-free

  • Family 4 admissions-$30.00

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