The VIEW Dance Challenge was held virtually *Saturday, March 6* with KCDS Competition Team Footage from March 2020 Dance Summit!  KCDS footage was scored by three judges: Mindy Conto, Gerard McIsaac and Paula Davey.  Awards will be available once we receive them.  Congratulations to our Dancers! Thank you to their Parents and KCDS Faculty!  2020 competition year will not be forgotten! 

Congratulations Dancers!

Miss Mindy

Posted March 20, 2021

Mr Gerard

Please note: Messages from the judges are for KCDS Dancers only.  They are not to be shared beyond this page of the KCDS wed site.  Thank you. 

Miss Paula


 HELD ON MARCH 6, 2021 


5 AM                                                      Platinum      Richelle Buckingham

A Few Things                                        High Gold    Caleigh Hunter

Ain’t Nothing Wrong with That          High Gold    Richelle Buckingham

Are you Asleep                                     High Gold    Caleigh Hunter

BeatzCREW                                           Platinum      Desiree Webb

Before you Go                                      High Gold    Richelle Buckingham

Blue Jeans                                             High Gold    Richelle Buckingham

Brand New                                            Platinum      Richelle Buckingham

Charlie’s Angels                                    High Gold     Joey Davies

Chattahoochee                                     High Gold    Richelle Buckingham

Come Together                                     Platinum      Rylee Eng/Joey Davies

Cringe                                                     High Gold    Desiree Webb

Dear Mother Nature Dear                  Platinum     Caleigh Hunter

Do it Like This                                       High Gold    Richelle Buckingham

End of Time                                          High Gold    Caleigh Hunter

Every Heart                                           High Gold    Richelle Buckingham

Fierce                                                     High Gold    Desiree Hunter

Fire and Ice                                           Platinum      Gina Sinclair Davis

Gotta Wear Shades                             High Gold    Nicole Clark

Hit Me with a Hot Note                      High Gold     Richelle Buckingham

Jonathan Livingston Seagull              High Gold     Annelies & Ella Browne

Jump                                                      High Gold     Joey Davies

Let Them See                                       High Gold      Richelle Buckingham

Man with the Hex                                High Gold      Nicole Clark

Mix Tape                                                High Gold      Desiree Webb

Mr. Cellophane                                    High Gold      Joey Davies

My Heart Will Go On                           High Gold      Joey Davies

Never Enough                                      High Gold      Desiree Webb

Ooh Child                                              High Gold     Rylee Eng

Outta Your Mind                                  High Gold     Desiree Webb

Pep Rally                                                High Gold     Richelle Buckingham/Lauren Sousa

Pure Imagination                                 High Gold     Joey Davies

Saw Her Standing There                     High Gold     Nicole Clark

Shake It Down                                       Platinum      Richelle Buckingham/Desiree Webb

Shake the Room                                   High Gold     Richelle Buckingham

Sing                                                         High Gold     Nicole Clark

Six to Six                                                 High Gold     Richelle Buckingham

Speechless                                             High Gold     Joey Davies

Start A Riot                                             High Gold     Joey Davies

Stray Cat Strut                                       High God      Annelies Browne

Tears in Heaven                                    High Gold      Joey Davies

The Addams Family (My Family)        High Gold     Joey Davies

The Legend of the Lorelei                   Platinum       Annelies & Ella Browne

The Production Number                     High Gold      Joey Davies

The Squad                                             High Gold      Desiree Webb

Under the Big Top                                High Gold      Annelies & Ella Browne

Walk It Out                                            High Gold      Desiree Webb

Where the Boyz At                               High Gold      Desiree Webb

Work It                                                   High Gold      Desiree Webb

Working Day and Night                       High Gold     Richelle Buckingham

You Can’t Rush Your Healing              High Gold     Caleigh Hunter



Highest Scoring Novice Performance- Start a Riot- 93.23

Highest Scoring Pre. Competitive Performance- Fire & Ice- 95.23

High Scoring Competitive Performance- Brand New- 95.73

Overalls (includes all levels)

Top Junior Performance 

  • Shake the Room 93.60

  • Start a Riot 93.26

  • Speechless 91.56

Top Intermediate Performance

  • Pep Rally 93.70

  • Walk it Out 93.20

  • The Production 92.36

Top Pre-Teen Performance

  • Shake it Down 95.40

  • Fire & Ice 95.23

  • My Heart will go on 94.83

Top Teen Performance

  • The Legend of the Lorelei- 95.26

  • Working Day & Night- 94.73

  • Ain't nothing wrong with that- 94.00


Top Senior/Advanced Performance

  • Brand New- 95.73

  • Dear Mother Nature- 95.30

  • BeatzCREW- 95.26

Novice- (All ages Combined) - Top 3 scoring Solo/Duo/Trio

  • Where the Boys At 91.90

  • Saw Her Standing There 91.36

  • Outta your Mind 91.30

Top 3 Scoring Small Group

  • Gotta Wear Shades- 91.10

  • Stray Cat Strut- 90.60

  • The Addams Family 90.26

  • Top 3 Scoring Large/Extended Group- Start a Riot 93.53

  • Chattahoochie 92.40

  • Speechless 91.56

Pre. Competitive- (All ages Combined)

  • Top 3 Scoring Solo/Duo/Trio- Man with a Hex- 93.26

  • Mr. Cellophane- 92.90

  • Blue Jeans- 92.83

Top 3 Scoring Small Group

  • Do It Like This- 93.53

  • Every Heart- 93.20

  • Jump- 92.26

Top 3 Scoring Large Group

  • My Heart will Go On- 94.83

  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull- 94.80

  • Ain’t nothing wrong with that- 94.00

Top Scoring Extended Line

  • Fire & Ice- 95.23

  • Come Together- 95.16

  • Walk It Out- 93.53

Competitive- (All ages Combined)

Top Scoring Solo/Duo/Trio

  • The Legend of the Lorelei- 95.26

  • Working Day & Night- 94.73

  • Never Enough- 94.56


Top Scoring Small Group

  • 5am- 95.10

  • Let Them See- 93.90

  • The Squad- 93.16


Top Scoring Large Group

  • Brand New- 95.73

  • Dear Mother Nature- 95.30

  • BeatzCREW- 95.26


Top Scoring Extended Line

  • Shake It Down- 95.40

  • Pep Rally- 93.70

  • FierceCREW- 93.26