2-8-2020 Times have been adjusted by The Dance Summit - the new times are posted below - please check them. Hopefully this is all the adjustment The Dance Summit will be making. 

3-7-2020 Updated under Encore Challenge

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Saturday, March 7 - Sunday, March 8, 2020

LOCATION: Charlie White Theatre, 2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney BC V8L 1W9.

  • ARRIVAL Times are listed below. 

  • We look forward to our Dancers arriving on time, giving them an opportunity to warm up, review their dance and mentally prepare for the experience. 

  • You will need your costumes and your props.

  • Don't forget your KCDS Jackets. You will need your KCDS Jacket to go on stage to collect your awards and to wear over your costume in the audience.

  • Times listed are approximate as changes can occur please keep an eye on this page for updates. 

  • There is limed space back stage.  Dancers please organize your items, backstage is small and there won’t be room for everyone to have a Parent with them.

  • Dancers please arrive with your hair and make up done.

  • Please have your name on your costumes. 

  • Please keep your items organized and your bags zipped up. 

  • Leave your valuables with your Parents. ​

  • Dancers are expected to go back on stage for their awards session.  

  • We encourage dances to stay and cheer on your fellow KCDS team members.   

  • Dancers are welcome to stay for top awards if it works with your family schedule.

  • Our Competition Experience is what we make it!  We look forward to supporting all Dancers and All Dance Studios.  We are #proudtosharethestage with everyone.

Dressing Rooms

  • Dressing Rooms are assigned to us. Please be courteous to others if you are sharing with another school.  We respectfully ask that you remind your dancers keep food out of the dressing room and to clean up after themselves.  If your dressing room is congested, dancers who do not need to get ready should leave the dressing room to give others more space.   

  • For the protection of all competition dancers, NO photography or video (including video chats) of any kind in the dressing rooms.  

Admission / Programs / No Videos 

  • Free Admission 

  • Programs - $10 (cash only)

  • Food & Drinks are not permitted in theatres unless otherwise stated. 

  • NO video or photos during the performances. Photos/Videos of the performances are for sale at the events. Bring a USB or purchase one from the event.  

  • Dancers need to sign in at the event:  An alphabetical listing of every dancer attending our event is listed on an assigned clipboard which is separated by studio and arranged so that dancers will sign in each day at our events.   



Encore Challenge

  • The Summit Dance Encore Challenge Dance Off is an exciting opportunity for selected routines to perform again for a change to become the SDC Encore Champions!!!    There are two Dance Offs:  JUNIOR ENCORE CHALLENGE (for Petite/Junior) groups, and SENIOR ENCORE CHALLENGE (for Teen/Senior/Adult) groups.  Judges will select 3-5 routines to perform in the encore challenge, and not more than one routine from a particular studio.  Scores and placements are not a factor in the Judges selections.  Routines are mainly chosen for their "entertainment" quality.  In order for teachers to prepare their dancers and families that they MAY be chosen for this prestigious competition, we will make announcements throughout the competition on the judges top contenders.  Top contenders can be "bumped" at any time by future performances.  


Master Classes

  • Master Class Opportunity FREE MASTERCLASSES with your Judges.  Workshops are open to ALL PERFORMERS and provided complementary with registration.  Teachers are always welcome to participant or watch.  Workshops will be open to parents to view subject to space limits.  Pre-registration for workshops is not required. 

  • Master Class Times 

       7:00pm-8:15pm  Master Class for Junior Musical Theatre with Miss Jess Vanderberg 

       7:00pm-8:00pm  Master Class for Senior Contemporary with Miss Nathan Fadear  

       8:00pm-9:00pm  Master Class for Senior Hip Hop with Miss Cara Lee Hrdlitschka 


Saturday March 7th - Doors open at 10:00am 

ARRIVAL Times are listed below. 

09:45am 108 Man with the Hex

09:48am 115 Under the Big Top

09:42am 116 Saw her Standing There

10:14am 123 Outta your Mind

10:42am 132 Cringe

11:16am 142 Where the Boyz at

11:32am 147 Charlie’s Angels

11:44am 151 Mr. Cellophane

11:47am 152 Tears in Heaven

12:57pm Award Session 1- Judges Choice, Adjudications, Overalls.

12:42pm 155 Walk It Out (CREW 4)

01:01pm 161 The Legend of the Lorelei

01:24pm 168 Working Day and Night

01:59pm 180 Hit Me with a Hot Note

02:02pm 181 Before you Go

02:06pm 182 Never Enough

03:21pm 206 Blue Jeans

03:25pm 207 Sing

04:02pm 219 Come Together, Right Now

05:17pm 242 Shake It Down (Street Fusion)


06:26 pm Award Session 2- Judges Choice, Adjudications, Overalls.



Master Classes

7:00pm-8:15pm- Junior Musical Theatre with Jess Vanderberg

7:00pm-8:00pm Senior Contemporary with Nathan Fadear

8:00pm-9:00pm Senior Hip Hop with Cara Lee Hrdlitschka



Sunday March 8th Doors open at 8:00am

ARRIVAL Times are listed below. 

08:05am 246 My Heart will go on

08:11am 248 Pure Imagination

08:14am 249 The Addams Family (My Family)

08:30am 253 5 AM

08:45am 257 Are you Asleep

08:48am 268 Chattahoochee

09:22am 267 Six to Six

09:39am 269 Gotta Wear Shades

09:42am 270 Stray Cat Strut

09:57am 274 Let Them See

10:00am 275 Jonathan Livingston Seagull

10:15am 279 Speechless

10:18am 280 Mix Tape (CREW 3)

10:32am 284 Fire and Ice

11:37 am Award Session 3- Judges Choice, Adjudications, Overalls.

11:42am 289 Ooh Child

11:49am 291 Brand New

11:58am 294 Shake the Room

12:10pm 297 Do it Like This

12:14pm 298 Bad Boy

12:21pm 300 End of Time

12:49pm 308 You Can’t Rush your Healing

12:52pm 309 Every Heart

01:00pm 311 Beatz Crew

01:10pm 314 Disco Fever

01:30pm 319 Aint’ Nothing Wrong with That

01:39pm 322 A Few Things

2:42pm Award Session 4A- Judges Choice, Adjudications

2:37pm 324 Jump

2:46pm 327 The Production Number 

2:53pm 329 The Squad

3:01pm 331 Work It

3:19pm 336 Dear Mother Nature Dear

3:36pm 339 Start The Riot (CREW 1)

3:47pm 342 Pep Rally (CREW 5)

3:57pm 345 Fierce (CREW 2) 

5:00pm Award Session 4B- Judges Choice, Adjudications, Overalls.

5:20pm Announcement of Encore Performances, (Junior, Teen, Senior, Adult Groups)

"Come Together" please bring your costume with you tomorrow, Sunday, March 8.  We will wait to see if we remain in the 'Senior Encore Challenge". If we are we want to be prepared.  Please keep watching this web site for updates. 


5:35pm Encore Challenge

6:10pm Grand Awards


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Victoria, BC, V8Z 5K8 
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