Posted: March 9, 2019 - RE: Photo and Video:

At the View Dance Challenge all KCDS Dancers will receive their photos and video's from The View Dance Challenge event.  There was a promotional package offered to us in October 2018, $45.00 a dancer - I decided to opt in and for this year ... it's KCDS's treat to our Dancers!  Thank you for choosing KCDS!  

Posted: February 3, 2019

Please check this page for updates.

UPDATES: Posted on 2/12/19 are in green

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UPDATES: POSTED ON 3/2/19 - See note from Synergy, Purple Background right hand side of page. 

Thursday, March 7 - Monday, March 12, 2019

LOCATION: Cowichan Performing Arts Centre, 2687 James St, Duncan, BC V9L 2X5.

  • ARRIVAL Times are listed below. 

  • We look forward to our Dancers arriving on time, giving them an opportunity to warm up, review their dance and mentally prepare for the experience. 

  • You will need your costumes and your props.

  • You will need your KCDS Jackets. You will need your KCDS Jacket to go on stage to collect your awards and to wear over your costume in the audience.

  • Times listed are approximate as changes can occur please keep an eye on this page for updates. 

  • There is limed space back stage.  Dancers please organize your items, backstage is small and there won’t be room for everyone to have a Parent with them.

  • Dancers please arrive with your hair and make up done.

  • Please have your name on your costumes. 

  • Please keep your items organized and your bags zipped up. 

  • Leave your valuables with your Parents. ​

  • Dancers are expected to go back on stage for their awards session.  

  • Dancers are welcome to stay for top awards if it works with your family schedule.

  • Please remember;   Our Competition Experience is what we make it!  We look forward to supporting all Dancers and All Dance Studios.  We are #proudtosharethestage with everyone.


Admission / No Videos / Dancer Sign In

  • Free Admission UPDATED:  In lieu of the $5.00 admission fee, Synergy is collecting school supplies for schools in the Caribbean islands that are rebuilding after storms. Any extra supplies will be donated to schools in need locally. NEW ITEMS ONLY! No single items (ie one pen), no glitter, no glue and items must be in original packaging.  Synergy will not be collecting new costumes this year. 

  • No costume to donate: Day passes are $5, students and seniors are free. The showdown finals is $10 for adults or $5 for students and seniors.

  • Food & Drinks are not permitted in theatres unless otherwise stated. 

  • NO video or photos during the performances. Photos/Videos of the performances are for sale at the events. Bring a USB or purchase one from the event.  

  • Dancers need to sign in at the event:  An alphabetical listing of every dancer attending our event is listed on an assigned clipboard which is separated by studio and arranged so that dancers will sign in each day at our events.

Thursday, March 7

ARRIVAL Times are listed below. 

#77                 2:15pm                      Don’t Worry About Me                     

#85                 3:10pm                      Vienna                                                          

#96                 3:58pm                      I Will Always Love You                               

#106               5:10pm                      If I Dare                                                        

#108               5:19pm                      Leave The Light On 

#117               5:48pm                      Shelter (Day switch from Sat)     



Friday, March 8

ARRIVAL Times are listed below. 

#188 .             10:15am                    Keep On Moving On                                          

#197               10:43am                    Wakanda                                  

#217               12:30pm                    A Little Less Conversation 

#223               01:20pm                    Heads Will Roll                               

#241               02:41pm                    Hikup                                              

#264               03:06pm                     Jackpot                                                                                             

#257               04:13pm                    Lil'RascelsCREW                           

#263               04:37pm                    Love Yourself                                  

#271               05:36pm                    ExcelCREW                                

#280               06:07pm                    Latch                                                 

#284               06:21pm                    FierceCREW                                    

#290               07:00pm                    Werk It                                               

#294               07:20pm                    RequestCREW 

#298               07:40pm                    Dem Beats  

#299               07:45pm                    BeatzCREW                    

#302               07:55pm                    Gavin


Saturday, March 9

ARRIVAL Times are listed below. 


#379               1:00pm                      Doomsday Clock                            

#386               1:50pm                      Un-Stuck                                                 

#426               4:50pm                      Superstition                                     

#438               5:25pm                      Proud Mary                                      

#455               6:50pm                      Tight Rope                                       

#456               6:50pm                      How How                                          

#459               7:10pm                      Happy                                  


Sunday, March 10

ARRIVAL Times are listed below. 

#479               09:07am                    Variation Classique         

#491               10:18am                    Vasle Triste                                      

#512               11:25am                    Insomnia                        

#513               11:30am                    The Understudy                              

#523               12:30pm                    I’m The Best                          

#554               02:30pm                    Stepsister’s Lament                        

#556               02:40pm                    Honey Hot Rag                               

#562               03:05pm                    Eye Of The Tiger                              

#571               03:45pm                    Be Italian                                          

#583               05:25pm                    Step Your feet                                  

#585               05:35pm                    Flashback     


Group Showdown Finals - 7:00pm

Teen/Senior Solo/Duo/Trio Top Ten - 9:00pm


Monday, March 11

ARRIVAL Times are listed below. 

#704               3:20pm                Chainz                                  

#707               3:30pm                Super Cali                            

#709               3:35pm                Bandstand Boogie              

#712               4:30pm                L’Etanger                             

#713               4:35pm                Move Your Body                  

#714               4:38pm                Cooler Then Me                   

#716               4:45pm                When She Loved Me         

#718               4:51pm                Hero                                      

#721               5:02pm                Gotta Be Me                        

#722               5:05pm                King Of Swing                      

#723               5:08pm                I Wish                                    

#726               5:19pm                I Wanna Be Like you

#728               5:27pm                Over The Rainbow

#732               5:43pm                The Incredibles

#734               5:52pm                Single Ladies        

#736               6:30pm                Groove Is In The Heart   

#737               6:35pm                A Drummers Beat

#738               6:40pm                2NewCREW

#741               6:53pm                Beat                                                                          

#742               6:57pm                I Will Carry You       

#746               7:17pm                PopRockzCREW                              


Mini/Junior Top Ten5:00pm     

Pre- Competitive Top Ten8:30pm




Monday March 11

All Classes running as usural

A NOTE FROM SYNERGY.                                POSTED; MARCH 2, 2019 - 

Cowichan Theatre has a NO GLITTER policy and is very strict on that,  
glitter is NOT permitted in this theatre and routines using loose  
glitter, including hair glitter, will be removed from the theatre. To  
clarify this is not a Synergy rule it is a theatre rule and when we  
play in somebody else's house we must abide by their rules and honour this request. This rule will be strictly enforced by the glitter  
police and those breaking the glitter rule may be disqualified. So in  
order to avoid any hurt feelings please pass on this information to  
any of your dancers who may potentially glitter up. We look forward to sparkling with you soon, just not loose glitter sparkly,

Best wishes
The Glitter Police


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