Friday March 6 - No Classes on Floor 1

There will no classes on floor 1 with with Miss Richelle.   Thank you for all coming to last Sunday, March 1!  If you are not involved in Stage Stars tonight - have a nice evening.  We look forward to see you this weekend at The Dance Summit Competition!  Floor 2 classes will run as normal. 

Stage Stars 2020

Friday, March 6 2020

ShowTime: 7:00pm

Charlie White Theatre

in the Mary Winspear Centre

2243 Beacon Avenue

Sidney, BC   V8L 1W9


March 6 .... SHOW TIME! 

  • Dancers please arrive at 6:00pm

  • You will need your costumes / shoes / props

  • RAD GRADE 8 Dancers: be dressed in their RAD ballet Grade 8 bodysuit, clean tights no runs and burgundy skirt or character skirt.  Hair should be in a bun. 

  • Stage Stars will run for approx 90 minutes

  • Dancers are expected to remain for the finale

Please note: this order could change

Order updated: 03-02-2020


MARCH 6, 2020

SHOW TIME: 7:00pm

Order of Program


Stray Cat Strut

Never Enough

Charlie’s Angels

Adams Family (My Family)

Hit Me With A Hot Note

Man With A Hex

Every Heart 

If My Friends Could See Me Now

Outta Your Mind

Gotta Wear Shades

Where The Boyz At?

Blue Jeans

The Legend Of The Lorelei 


Work It


Dances from the Grade 8 Award Syllabus

Saw Her Standing There

Under The Big Top

Before You Go

Do It Like This

Tears In Heaven


Mr Cellophan

Working Day & Night

The Squad