Update: July 24, 2020,

UPDATED: August 7, 2020 in blue 

What to expect in August

August (April)

UPDATED 8-7-2020 ~ "RECITAL REIMAGINED"  September 11, 12, 13 

There will be no shows on September 5 & 6 - the Labour Day Weekend. 



Thank you to all our Dancers that joined us for Summer Sizzle. 

We now look forward to our August 4 opening to finish up our 2019/2020 dance year! 

Classes will be smaller as Social distancing is adhered to accommodating Covid-19 protocol.

As always we will continue to monitor Covid-19 information and will adjust our plan if needed. 

August 4 opening - how will it work?  Classes with a registration of more that 11 Dancers have been split into two classes. 

  • Class 1's will attend the 1st and 3rd week of August.  Tuition for August will be 50% off.

  • Class 2's will attend the 2nd and 4th week of August. Tuition for August will be 50% off.

  • Class 3's will attend all 4 weeks in August as they have 11 or less Dancers.  Tuition for August will be as normal. 

PLEASE NOTE: it is possible that a class 1/2 changes before we start due to a Dancer(s) not returning.  If class numbers drop to 11 the class would then run all 4 weeks.  We would update our Dance Families via email if that is the case. 

The following classes are now finished for our 2019/2020 Dance year. Tuition charges have ended. 

  • Mo830-2, Dancers Edge

  • Tu 515-1, Musical Theatre

  • Tu 915-2, Advanced Lyrical/Contemporary Choreography

  • Th530-2, RAD Character Grade 4+ Cancelled

  • Th830-1, Company 3

  • Th830-2, RAD Open Grade 7+

  • Th915-2, Intermediate Pointe Class

  • Fr 730-1, Street Fusion

Returning To The Dance Floor - in August (April)

  • Non-Competition Classes will be polishing up their dancers, making any necessary changes to accommodate social distancing protocols. 

  • Competition Team (Performance Companies, CREWS, Competition Classes) will be working on technique, new combinations and choreography.  We enjoyed watching you perform in Kix 'N Rhythm and are proud of your success in The Dance Summit Challenge.   Competition Team dances will not be part of September Recitals. 


  • We are still planning September Recitals for non-competitive classes.  Although our shows will not follow the traditional format.  

  • You can expect updates in mid August!  

  • Please keep these recital dates September 11, 12 & 13.   Once we open in August we will know exactly how many classes we are dealing with and will roll out the exact day of when each class will dance.  

  • 'RECITAL REIMAGINED' - UPDATED 7-30-2020 - We are still putting our 'Recital Reimagined' together.  There will no recital at the UVic Theatre.  We will be holding it in our parking lot.  Only one class at a time.  Dancers will arrive and be ready to perform. Parents will be able to watch.  A Recital is about the performer, the performance and audience.  We are confident that given the chance to showcase their dance routines our Dancers can enjoy the element of performance and continue build their confidence and feel accomplished.  By holding our show where we have control over who is performing and who is attending will allows us to control the numbers all while maintaining social distancing. 


Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe

As we have new protocols in place.  Class sizes are strictly observed.  During this time your Dancer's class may start 5 minutes late and/or end 5 minutes early.  This is allowing us time to sanitize our dance space.

Questions & Answers

  • Q: What if my Dancer is not wanting to return for August (April) 

  • A: Please let us know and we will shut off your registration and tuition charge

  • Q: What if my Dancer is in a Class 1, Wednesday, Aug 5 & 19 but Class 2, Wednesday, Aug 12 & 26 would work better.

  • A: Please email the studio and let us know what would work and we will do our best to accommodate you. We can't promise but we will try!

  • Q: What if My Dancer is not on a class list or appears in more that one class for August (April)

  • A: Please email the studio and let us know.  Classes were split manually ... sometimes mistakes happen. 

  • Q: My Dancer is registered in Jazz for the August (April) return now s/he wants to try hip hop.  Can we switch.

  • A: As this is the finish of our 2019/20 Dance year and we are working towards our show in September all Dancer will stay in the class they are registered in. 

  • Q: Does my Dancer have to wear their costume for their Recital

  • A:  Yes please, if they can squeeze into it for their dance performance or they are welcome to wear all black to perform in. If you need us to look at the costume we are happy to do that. 

  • Q: If I am part of the TeamSTEP program do I still attend to assist classes.

  • A: TeamSTEP is on pause for now.  We look forward to having our TeamSTEP Dancers back with us in the future. 

  • Q: My Dancer is to receive an attendance award.  Will that still happen?

  • A: Yes, awards have been ordered and will be handed out at year end performances

  • Q: Will there still be photos by Mr Gordon Lee

  • A: There will be time for parents to take photos of their Dancer.  We will miss Mr Gordon and look forward to his return.

Dancers only in the building

  • Our common areas, including the reception area, will be closed to all people except our Dancers.

Dancers arrive in time for class 

  • Hand sanitizer will be available.  Dancers will enter up the stairs - door will open just before the start of class.


No Dancers waiting before / between / after classes

  • Between classes the studio will be sanitized to prepare for the next class.  

Social distancing in place for all classes - 6 feet apart

  • Class size will be limited to facilitate social distancing.


Dancers arrive ready to dance

  • Dancers arrive in dance attire please.  If a Dancer has more that one class the Dancer doesn't change.


No dance bags or unnecessary items 

  • Dancers bring their dance shoes needed in a clear zip lock bag.  Dancers will be given a bin to put their shoes, water bottle, or if they are older - car keys in.  If a Dancer must bring their phone please have it in a clear zip lock bag. 

Dancers will bring their full re-usable water bottle - no food

  • There will be no bringing food into the studio.

Feeling Unwell - Please stay home

  • Dancers must feel 100% well when attending dance class.  Any Dancer who displays symptoms of the common cold, influenza or other infectious respiratory diseases must stay home.  Dancers with Family Members that are not feeling well are also asked to stay home. 

Dancers / Families Traveling 

  • If Dancers or their Families travel out side of Canada.  It is expected that the Dancer will not return to the studio for 14 days after they arrive back home. 

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