Posted September 21, 2020

UPDATED: October 27, 2020

What to expect when you come back

2020/21 Dance Year Starts October

Please watch the 57second Video ^ what to expect when you come back. 

Dancers only in the building

  • Our common areas, including the reception area, will be closed to all people except our Dancers.

Dancers arrive in time for class 

  • Hand sanitizer will be available.  Dancers will enter up the stairs - door will open just before the start of class.

Dancer arriving directly from Royal Oak School

  • A Dancer arriving from Royal Oak School for a 330 Ballet / CREW class may bring their back pack with them. 


No Dancers waiting before / between / after classes

  • Between classes the studio will be sanitized to prepare for the next class.  

Social distancing in place for all classes - 2 M - 6 feet apart

  • Class size will be limited to facilitate social distancing.


Dancers arrive ready to dance

  • Dancers arrive in dance attire please.  If a Dancer has more that one class the Dancer doesn't change.


No dance bags or unnecessary items 

  • Dancers bring their dance shoes needed in a clear zip lock bag.  Dancers will be given a bin to put their shoes, water bottle, or if they are older - car keys in.  If a Dancer must bring their phone please have it in a clear zip lock bag. 

Dancers will bring their full re-usable water bottle - no food

  • There will be no bringing food into the studio.

Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe

  • As we have new protocols in place.  Class sizes are strictly observed.  During this time your Dancer's class may start 5 minutes late and/or end 5 minutes early.  This is allowing us time to sanitize our dance space.

Feeling Unwell - Please stay home

  • Dancers must feel 100% well when attending dance class.  Any Dancer who displays symptoms of the common cold, influenza or other infectious respiratory diseases must stay home.  Dancers with Family Members that are not feeling well are also asked to stay home. 

Dancers / Families Traveling 

  • If Dancers or their Families travel out side of Canada.  It is expected that the Dancer will not return to the studio for 14 days after they arrive back home. 

Masks Please - added October 27, 2020

  • It is an expectation that Dancers will wear masks when they arrive / wait and leave the studio.  Dancers are welcome to wear masks when are on the dance floor, however that is not expected at this time. 

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