A note to our Dancers!

Parents— please share this with your dancers...and a huge big hug from me too!!

Posted: March 18, 2020

Dear Our Beautiful Dancer,

I am missing you all so very much. All your Dance Teachers are missing you!  We didn't plan on having our time together being interrupted and there’s a few things you need to know!

I are so proud of you! ALL of you!  Our Dance Year being interrupted is not your fault - it just is what it is and sometimes life is like that.  These past months you have all worked so hard to get better! You have all made great progress this season. You have all made me the proudest dance studio owner in the world and I know you are ready to perform!  


Don't you worry the sun will come up tomorrow and we will get a chance to hit the stage as soon as we are back on the dance floor!


I want each and every one of you to know that this season has been a success! You have worked hard.  We have made new memories! You have made more friends! We have practiced old steps and learned new steps.  The BEST thing is we shared our love of dance with each other surrounded by teachers that love you!!

You have learned Discipline. Team work. Pride. Love. Family. Joy. Success.  You have built confidence, stamina and your love of movement.  We are strong - we are a Dance Family!  We will see each other again very soon - my beautiful talented dancers... keep practicing so we can continue where we left off!!

Love always, Miss Karen, all your Teachers, Our Office Ladies and especially Mumsie - who says ... "remind them to wash their hands!"  
P.S. Please no matter how old you are - give your parents a big hug right now! Family is everything!