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Pink ballet tights, hair nets, bobby pins are available for purchase through the studio for dancers that require them.



Pre Primary and Primary Ballet:

Girls: Ballet pink short sleeve body suit, RAD ballet pink ballet skirt available for purchase at Ellswear Dance and Active Wear, white ankle socks, pink ballet shoes (fitted from the dance store.  Generic shoes from big chain retailers are not suitable.  Hair in a tightly secured bun with a hair net. 
Boys: White T-Shirt and black shorts, black ballet shoes.

Grades 1-8 ~ body suit and skirt
Grades 1-5:  royal Capezio bodysuit (CC202) or (SL10) style chosen will depend on the best fit.  Character  skirts are made to order please contact Ellswear Dance and Active Wear 205-721-5356

Grades 6-8:  burgundy body suit made by Ellswear, a sheer ballet skirt and a black character skirt available for purchase through Ellsewear Dance and Active Wear

Boys: White T-Shirt and black shorts, black ballet shoes.


Grades 1-8 - shoes and tights
Grade 1 & 2:    pink tights, pink ballet shoes (no split sole) and black character shoes with a low heel.
Grade 3, 4 & 5:  pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and black character shoes with a Cuban heel.

Grades 6-8:  pink convertible tights, pink ballet shoes, and black character shoes with a Cuban heel. 

Boys: White T-Shirt and black shorts, black ballet shoes.

Vocational Levels - Bodysuit, Shoes & Tights

Black Mondor Bodysuit (style 13520 or 13505) available at Ellswear Dance & Active Wear. Pink convertible tights, pink ballet shoes. 


Pointe Classes

Dancers will wear the body suit they wear in their RAD Ballet class either royal Capezio or burgundy, ballet pink tights and pink ballet shoes.  NO POINTE SHOES until your teacher says you are ready for them.  

We are pleased to continue with the Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Exams.  RAD exams may take either a Ballet Presentation Format or Ballet Exam Format.  At times a pianist will be available during our year for the RAD Ballet exam classes.  There is a non-refundable $85.00 Presentation/Exam deposit that will be posted to your account in October and charged November 3, 2022.   The balance of the Presentation/Exam payment will be due a month before the exam date.  There may be additional fees for extra rehearsals.  The clothing outlined in our section under Dance Attire on page ten of this booklet will be what the dancers are required to wear in their weekly classes and to their Presentation/Exam.


KCDS Dancers: Written notice (e-mail is acceptable) is required for withdrawal from class (es) and will be accepted until, Oct. 31, 2024. Please submit your written notice to us by the 30th of the month. This will result in you not being charged on the 1st of the next month. After October 31, 2024 it is expected that dancers will remain with the studio for the dance year, October 2024 to June 2025.  

Why Choose an Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Program

If you are looking for a Ballet program that offers learning along with fun and a feeling of accomplishment; the RAD Ballet program is perfect.  The RAD Syllabus has been devised with great care.  It progresses a dancer in stages, demanding no more of a young body that it can easily cope with.  The RAD Syllabus is great fun for dancers to dance, it also helps develop co-ordination, fitness and a sense of rhythm, musicality and expression, as well as promoting self-discipline and boasting confidence.  


RAD Ballet is no more competitive than any other activity, and RAD examinations are simply setting goals toward which children can work.  For our Dancers; examinations offer a challenge and a great sense of achievement; for Parents they give an indication of their child's progress. The RAD was founded in 1920 and has grown to become the largest training body for classical ballet in the world.  The RAD Syllabus is taught in more that 70 countries, setting high standards along with a balance of making learning fun. 



Why Choose a Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Teacher

While ballet is fun, it is also physically demanding care should be taken to send your dancer to a professional, qualified teacher. That is why Karen Clark Dance Studio is proud to offer RAD registered teachers, with current registered teacher status and who teach the RAD syllabus. This is important because


  • RAD teachers utilize carefully structured Academy syllabus, which is both fun and safe.

  • RAD teachers have the training and qualifications necessary to teach dance to young children and students.

  • RAD teachers continue training throughout their careers to ensure they are abreast of changes and have updated their skills and knowledge.

  • All qualified RAD teachers must graduate from one of our comprehensive teacher training programs in order to be included in our Register of Teachers.

  • The RAD monitor teachers each step of the way, throughout their training and after they become registered, to ensure teaching standards are maintained.

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