Karen Clark Dance Studio Faculty


Karen Clark Dance Studio Faculty not only loves to dance, but they also like teaching too!  To be able to pass along the love of dance is indeed a joy.  Focus is on dance technique, but it is also on having fun and encouraging each dancer to be the best that they can be!


Karen L Clark

Pat Blain
Debbie Lefebvre
Joanne Lional
Mary Lou Angell
Sue Taylor
Terri Longbottom

Amy Hentschel  
Annelies Browne,  BA., B.ED., M.ED., RAD Registered Teacher, Teaching Diploma
Caleigh Hunter
Deborah James,  RAD Registered Teacher
Desiree Webb
Jasmyn Evered

Julia Rego
Joey Davies, Performing Arts Diploma, BA
Karen Clark
Lauren Sousa
Lindsay Jansen, B. Ed.
Mackenzie Montgomery
Renee Sing
Rylee Eng, B. Ed.
Richelle Buckingham
Roberta Waal, RAD Registered Teacher, Teaching Diploma, Retired Graded Examiner​​
Taryn Wondga