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Congratulations to our Dancers that attended Star Talent!  Thank you to your Parents and thank you Faculty!  

Star Talent Competition  

Mary Winspear Center, Sidney, BC

Sunday, March 13, 2022


  1. The Dazzling Dragonfly, Platinum & Jump Skills Award,  Choreographers: Annelies & Ella Browne 

  2. La Danza Española, Platinum, Choreographers: Annelies & Ella Browne 

  3. Running Wild High Gold, Choreographer: Caleigh Hunter 

  4. PopRockzCREW, Platinum, Choreographer: Lauren Sousa 

  5. FierceCREW, Platinum, 2nd Overall Pre. Comp Sm Group, Choreographer: Desiree Webb 

  6. Mama, I’m a Big Girl Now,  Platinum, 2nd Over All Novice Group: Amy Henstchel 

  7. Poor Unfortunate Souls, Platinum, Concept and Staging Award, Choreographer: Rylee Eng 

  8. Two & Four High Platinum, Choreography Award: Richelle Buckingham  

  9. Jail House Rock Platinum, 3rd Over All Novice: Amy Henstchel 

  10. Permission to Dance, Platinum, Choreographer: Joey Davies 

  11. Fabulous, High Platinum, Choreographer: Richelle Buckingham 

  12. Used to be Mine, High Platinum,Choreographer: Rylee Eng 

  13. Call Me Cruella, Platinum, Choreographer: Joey Davies 

  14. The Fresh Princesses, High Gold, 4th Over All Novice Choreographer: Amy Hentschel 

  15. Wonderland, Platinum, Choreographer: Lauren Sousa 

  16. Da Girls High Platinum,1st Over All Pre Comp, $50.00 scholarship award, Choreographer: Richelle Buckingham 

  17. Too Close Diamond, 2nd Over All Comp Sr Sm Gr,  $75.00 scholarship award, Caleigh Hunter 

  18. It’s All Right, High Gold, Choreographer: Taryn Wondga 

  19. 007, Platinum, Choreographer: Julia Rego 

  20. Black Widows, Platinum, Choreographer: Joey Davies 

  21. Siblings, Platinum, Choreographer: Desiree Webb 

  22. Let’s Go High, Platinum, 3rd Over All Sr. Duo/Trio, Style Award, $25.00 scholarship award, Choreographer: Desiree Webb 

  23. Crowd Go Crazy, Platinum, Choreographer: Taryn Wondga 

  24. The Winner Is, Diamond, 4th Over All Sr Sm Group, Fabulous Footwork Award, Choreographer: Richelle Buckingham 

  25. Let It Be, Platinum, Choreographer: Rylee Eng 

  26. Recovery Platinum, Choreographer: Rylee Eng 

  27. Hold Me While You Wait, Diamond, 2nd Over All Sr Large Group, Lovely Levels Award, $75.00 scholarship award, Choreographer: Richelle Buckingham 

  28. Monkey See,  Platinum, Choreographer: Caleigh Hunter 

  29. Run The World, Platinum, Choreographer: Mackenzie Montgomery 

  30. OldSkoolCREW, Diamond, Choreographer: Desiree Webb 

  31. Enter The Sandman,  High Platinum, Choreographer: Joey Davies 

  32. Down To The Roots, High Platinum, 3rd Over All Sr Large Group, $50.00 scholarship award, Choreographer: Richelle Buckingham 

  33. Tangled Up, Platinum, Choreographer: Caleigh Hunter 

  34. Mami,  Platinum, Choreographer: Caleigh Hunter 

  35. You Are A Memory, High Platinum, Choreographer: Caleigh Hunter 

  36. Sweet Disposition, Diamond,1st Over All Adult, $50.00 scholarship award, Choreographer: Richelle Buckingham  

  37. Wonderful Night,  Diamond, Terrific Timing Award, Most entertaining Award, Choreographer: Richelle Buckingham 

  38. Havana,  High Platinum, 5th Over All Int Solo Choreographer: Caleigh Hunter 

  39. A Thousand Miles, Diamond, Made for the Stage Award  Choreographer: Caleigh Hunter 

  40. Visiting Hours,  High Platinum, Choreographer: Richelle Buckingham 

  41. KIxCREW, High Platinum, Choreographer: Mackenzie Montgomery 

  42. BeatzCREW, High Platinum, 4th Over All Sr Group, Choreographer: Desiree Webb 

  43. How How,  Diamond, Choreographer: Richelle Buckingham 

  44. Sisters Being Sisters,  High Platinum, 5th Overall Sr Duo/Trio Choreographer: Richelle Buckingham 

  45. I Hope,  Platinum, Choreographer: Chloe Choroszewski 

  46. Crazy, High Platinum, Choreographer: Joey Davies 

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