Karen Clark Dance Studio Inc. Handbook





Est. 1988 ... heading into 33 years of 5, 6, 7, 8

  4499 Viewmont Avenue Avenue, V8Z 5K8 (at West Saanich Rd)


Tap, Jazz, Ballet ~ Royal Academy Of Dance Exam, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary,  Acro, Hip 2 Hop, Performance Companies, Hip Hop CREWS, Contemporary, RAD Ballet Open Classes, Pointe. Extension Classes for Dancers 18+ that grew up in the Dance World. 

Dancers of all ages and levels can count on receiving exceptional dance training.  



Summer program Information is available on our web site www.karenclarkdancestudio.com under the 'Summer' button.  


Classes Start: Thursday, October 1, 20200

Stage Dance Year:          October 2020 to May 2021 (08 months) - payments over 7 months

RAD Ballet Exam Year:   October 2020 to June 2021 (09 months) - payments over 8 months


Thank you for taking the time to read the Karen Clark Dance Studio Registration Handbook. Checking the web site is very important ~ that is how you will stay updated.  Newsletters are posted on the first of each month.  We do not e-mail newsletters to you


REGISTRATION DATES (additional dates may be added - please watch our web site home page)   

Returning Dancers: On-line registration starts Wednesday,  June 10, @6pm - Thursday,  June 11 @ midnight

New Dancers:   On-line registration starts Tuesday,  June 16, opens at 6:00pm - you will need your class pre approved for registration. 


  • How do you get your Dancer's class pre approved?  Once you know what class you would like please e-mail us or give us a call. We can then look to see if the class is suitable for your Dancer, check availability and pre approve your request for on-line registration. Please click here  to go to the 'NewDancerRegistration'.



To register you will require a valid credit card.  The Karen Clark Dance Studio does not accept cheques.  Registration is considered complete and class placement will be held when your valid credit card information has been entered into our system and your account is in good standing.  PLEASE NOTE:  Registration happens on a first come first serve basis.  



The Karen Clark  Dance Studio was established in 1988.  Our Studio is a blend of a friendly atmosphere with an emphasis not only on dance technique, but each dancer in our "studio family".   Located in the Royal Oak Area, at 4499 Viewmont Avenue. We offer dances a professional studio setting, with natural sunlight in two studios with full sound systems, sprung dance floors, mirrors, barres, pianos and air conditioning.  Our Stage performance year is from September - May and our Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Exam Class year is from September - June. 


We now have new protocols in place.  Class sizes are strictly observed.  Social Distancing will be in place for all classes. During this time your Dancer's class may start 5 minutes late and/or end 5 minutes early.  This won't be forever but it is for now allowing us time to sanitize our dance space . Re-Opening Measures



We are interested a dancer's age, but we are excited when we know their ability.  Everyone learns at a different rate.  There is no passing or failing in dance,  it is  common to have classes with mixed ages so that dancer's abilities match.  In the Junior, Intermediate and Senior, levels dancers may expect to spend more than one year completing each designated syllabus level.  This is not uncommon.  Regular attendance is very important.  Studio Faculty meet regularly to discuss dancer's progress and/or placement. It is our policy to offer appropriate opportunities to every child.  Placement decisions are derived from many years of teaching experience. Often a child is placed in a particular group or class where he or she will feel confident, in order to promote the development of self-esteem. Some dancers who are placed in a higher level become discouraged, only to lose their passion for dance. Others respond to the challenge of being in a class with dancers who are more proficient by pushing themselves to work harder. Placement is highly individual and the factors that go into the decision are complex.

  • In every class level, there will be dancers at the top, middle and bottom of the ladder.  EVERY POSITION ON THAT LADDER IS ESSENTIAL TO YOUR DANCER’S GROWTH.  Dancers will spend considerable time on each rung.


  • When a dancer is new to a group, the adrenaline is pumping and the heart is racing. New information is being received at lightning speed. A Dancer is inspired by those around them and they struggle to keep up.  When he/she tells you about their class, in the car ride home, he/she likely says: "It was hard." or "I felt challenged." That's all fine and good, we remember his/her body is not strong enough yet to execute the skills properly, so while our Dancer thinks he/she is working at an advanced level, he/she is really just skimming the surface.  There is nothing wrong this that - it is how learning takes place.


  • In time, the syllabus begins to look and sound familiar. The shiny newness of the class is starting to fade. Repetition sets in. This is where we see work ethic play a big part. Successful dancers will dig their teeth in and work to master the skills through repetition. Mature dancers will understand that it's not enough to skim the surface. Dancers need to execute the skills correctly and that means doing them over and over again, taking their corrections, week after week. It means understanding the mechanics, not just going through the motions. This can be very hard for dancers.  We encourage our Dancers while watching then carefully. If we feel they are ready for the next level we are quick to make the move.


  • This is where we expect dancers to refine the details of the skills they are learning. By now they should have the strength, flexibility and muscle memory to execute skills in a safe and correct manner. Time to stand in the front! Time to be the leader! Time for the teacher to have you demonstrate! The unfortunate reality is that many dancers and parents are in a rush to skip over this rung. They want the immediate gratification of a "promotion" to a new level. This is a mistake! Imagine how Dancers are cheated if they are promoted too soon! Not only do they miss the chance to refine their movements but they miss the confidence building experience of being a leader in their class and the successful feeling when the syllabus feels comfortable.  We never want to put our Dancers in a place where they are unable to give us what is expected - the successful feeling of accomplishment is our goal. 


A Dancer's ability is very important.  Jazz classes marked with a "RAD" are enriched; meaning everyone in the class must also be taking exam ballet.  Enriched jazz classes have been specifically designed for dancers wishing to strengthen their dance technique with ballet training.  All Lyrical and Contemporary classes are enriched and require a dancer to be in exam ballet.  Dancers taking Musical Theatre classes must also be registered in a jazz class.  Extension classes are for dancers that are 18+ years and are proficient in dance.  Studio Adult Tap is a performance class.

Karen Clark Dance Studio  *Pricing for 20/21  *prices do not include GST

Dance fees are based on the instructional year, 8/9 months. A 1 hour class for the dance year cost is $440.00 (not including GST, registration fee and costume deposit.)  Dance tuition may be paid all in October or you may pay monthly for a 8/9 month period.   Example: The 8 month performance program offers 25 lessons for the dance year.  Monthly payment terms are for your convenience.  Lessons per month will vary.


Dance session October-May (8 months)

  • 30 min - $297.50/Year, *7 payments of $42.50 starting October 1

  • 45 min - $388.50/Year, *7 payments of $49.25 starting October 1

  • 60 min - $458.50/Year, *7 payments of $65.50 starting October 1

  • 75 min - $573.30/Year, *7 payments of $81.90 starting October 1

  • 90 min - $687.82/Year, *7 payments of $98.26 starting October 1


RAD Exam Ballet Dance Session October-June (9months.) Ballet Open / Pointe Classes (8 months)  Grade's 1 - 8 are 2 X 60 min a week

  • 30 min - $434.00/Year, *8 payments of $  54.25 starting October 1

  • 45 min - $532.80/Year, *8 payments of $  66.60 starting October 1

  • 60 min - $614.00/Year, *8 payments of $  76.75 starting October 1, double for 2 X week

  • 75 min - $722.00/year, *8 payments of $  90.25 starting October 1

  • 90 min - $834.00/Year, *8 payments of $104.25 starting October 1


Dancer Discounts

  • Dancers taking 2 classes - 2%

  • Dancers taking 3 classes - 3%

  • Dancers taking 4 classes - 4%

  • Dancers taking 5 classes - 5%

  • Dancers taking 6 classes - 8%

  • Dancers taking 7 classes - 10%

  • Dancers taking 8 + classes - 15%



Newsletters are available on line the 1st of each month.  You will not receive the Studio Newsletter by e-mail - we ask that you check it on line monthly.  Reading  the newsletters is very important.  Reading the Newsletter each month will keep you up to date on studio information.  You may contact the studio with any questions that may arise.



Dance fees are based on the instructional year, 8/9 months. Example: The 8 month program offers 25 lessons for the dance year.  Monthly payment terms (7/8 months) are for your convenience.  Lessons per month will vary.  Registration is considered complete and class placement will be held when your valid credit card information has been entered into our system and your account is in good standing.   Dancers with outstanding fees will not be welcome to participate in classes / recitals.



  • 1 Dancer - $35.00

  • Family     -  $45.00

Reg. Fee(s) are non refundable, due at time of registration and do not include GST



To register you will require a credit card.  Payment is made by monthly charge to your Visa or MasterCard.   A valid credit card is required to keep your dancer in class, families my make a payment on their Karen Clark Dance Studio Account with cash or debit at any time.  We do not accept cheques.

  • Credit Card information will be entered into your account.  Registration fee will be charged at time of registration.  Dance Tuition will be charged on the 1st of each month.  A receipt will be sent to your e-mail address.  Our system is set up to automatically send you a receipt when ever your credit card is charged. 

  • Returning Dancer Competition Team Costume deposit:  No costume deposit at this time.  Depending on our year progresses this may change. 

  • New Dancer Competition Team Costume Deposit (Company & CREW) No costume deposit at this time.  Depending on our year progresses this may change. 

  • Returning Dancer Competition Team entry fee deposit: A $25.00 deposit will be taken at the time of registration. see below - The VIEW Dance Challenge Competition - April 8-11, 2021 for more information. 

  • New Dancer Competition Team entry fee deposit:  A $25.00 deposit will be taken at the time of registration - in the event our New Company is able to join us at a competition.  

  • Performance & Costume Fee: will not be collected for the 2020/2021 dance year until we are sure of holding a recital.

  • RAD Exam ballet deposit in the amount of $80.00 per Dancer is due on November 3 if you were in an RAD Exam class last year your $80.00 RAD Exam Deposit has been moved to November 3.


If your credit card is declined you will receive an e-mail.  Payments that are declined will be tried again on the 10th of the month at no additional charge.  If the payment does not clear on the 10th.  An additional charge of $25.00 will be added to the monthly tuition.  The payment will then be charged on the 15th of the month.  If the studio account is not in good standing by the 15th the dancer(s) will not be able to attend their scheduled class until the account is settled. 



  • Withdrawal for KCDS Summer Sizzle 2020

  • Withdrawal for KCDS 20/21 Dance Year: October 31, 2020

KCDS Summer Sizzle: Written notice (e-mail is acceptable) is required for withdrawal from Summer Sizzle and well be accepted until, July 11, 2020. Summer Sizzle is four classes refund will be for 3 classes only. After July 11, 2020 there will be no refunds.  

Ballet Boost:  Written notice for withdrawal is accepted until Monday, September 28 - midnight - for a refund of September 29 & 30, 2020.  After September 28 there are no refunds. 

KCDS Dancers: Written notice (e-mail is acceptable) is required for withdrawal from class (es) and will be accepted until, Oct. 31, 2020. Please submit your written notice to us by the 30th of the month. This will result in you not being charged on the 1st of the next month. After October 31, 2020 it is expected that dancers will remain with the studio for the dance year, October 2020 to June 2020. 


Performance & Costume Fee: will not be collected for the 2020/2021 dance year until we are sure of holding a recital.


Things will be different for our 2020/2021 dance year. Performance & Costume Fee: will not be collected for the 2020/2021 dance year until we are sure of holding a recital in 2021.  We do have recital dates, May 7, 8, 2021 with dress rehearsals on April 27, 28, 29 however we will not collect any recital fees until we are certain we can have our show. 



We are pleased to continue offering the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Ballet Exam Program.  Time with the RAD Examiner may take either a Ballet Class Award Format or Ballet Exam Format.  Grade 1 - 8 classes have a pianist available once a week during their RAD Ballet exam classes.  There is a non-refundable $80.00 deposit for 'Time Spent With The Examiner' that will be posted to your account in October and charged November 3, 2020.  If you were in RAD Ballet last year your $80 deposit will be moved to November 3, 2020.   'Time With The Examiner' will be scheduled when there is a sufficient number of dancers ready to take part in 'Examiner Time.'  The balance of the amount owing for 'Examiner Time' will be will be due a month before the scheduled date.  There may be additional fees for extra rehearsals.  The Dance Attire for the RAD program is under the 'Attire' button is what the Dancer is required to wear in their weekly classes and to their 'Examiner Time.'  Please follow it as you don't want to have to purchase things twice.



Please visit  Attire - please click here



Please visit  Attire - please click here