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Please check your arrival schedule often - last minute changes sometimes happen.

How to contact us during competition day?  

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Posted March 25, 2023

Updated April 17, 2023 - in the light pink box

Updated April 17, 2023 - arrival time in green

Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival

Dave Dunnet Community Theatre

2121 Cadboro Bay Rd, Victoria, BC


  • Audience Admission Cost Information - Cash only - Each session is: $5.00 for adults, $3.00 for Seniors/students and free for kids under 5 years old. (session= Morning, Afternoon and evening)

  • Photography and videography is prohibited in the theatre.

  • Food & Drinks are not permitted in theatres unless otherwise stated.

  • Only Dancer permitted in the backstage area.

  • Be mindful or your dance items.

  • Keep your bags closed closed when you are not using them.

  • Keep your costumes/pieces together.

  • Don't take valuables back stage. 

  • Dancers please arrive with your hair and makeup done.

  • Tap Dancers, please do not wear tap shoes anywhere in the Dave Dunnet Theatre or Oak Bay High School other than when performing on the stage. This is to protect the school's floors and respect their beautiful facility. You can wear socks over top of them then take them off once backstage.

  • All KCDS dancers please wear your competition team jacket when in the audience and on stage during awards session.

  • Dancers are expected to stay for the award session they are involved in.

  • We are proud to share the stage with all dancers from every studio. We look forward to cheering for everyone. 

Highlights Concert is April 29, 7:00pm. Venue Dave Dunnet Community Theatre. There’s a good chance KCDS will be asked to perform in the Highlights Concert.  Please mark this date down on your calendar.  After the completion of the Festival KCDS will be sent and email from the GVPAF outlining our involvement in the Highlights Concert.  Once the email is received we will post the info here. Please watch this site. Being asked to perform in the Highlights Concert is an honour - it's were the awards are given out.  

The Festival is different from a competition.  Dancers are adjudicated on stage. Over all awards are given after all the performances are finished. 



Competitions can run early - if so we'll be ready.


Tuesday April 25

2:15pm Variations


5:30pm Spirit of the Tree




Monday April 24
RAD Ballet classes will run as normal

No stage classes as it is dress rehearsal week



Please share this to your dancers. 

Please Pick up!-Please remind dancers to pick up after themselves! I am so excited for so many more entries! But please help our volunteers by creating a little less work on their part and make sure dancers put their garbage in the garbage. Thanks!


Tappers and Pointe shoes- Please wear socks or booties on top of your shoes when you are in the hallways. Tappers please wear your socks in the green room also as we will be able to hear your tapping from the audience. 

Pointe shoes to wear booties in hallways- this is to protect your pointe shoes as the wax finish on the school hallways can add a waxy finish on your pointe shoes that will make it quite slippery for you on stage. 


Change Rooms-We will have a girls and boys change room and an all gender changeroom available.


Can dancers watch in audience? -Dancers are ENCOURAGED to sit in the audience and watch when they are done performing! :) That's what this is all about after all! Supporting each other and bringing dance studios together to share their art. Dancers will be called up backstage near the end of the session to get in order for adjudication. 

Payment- We will have a machine to use for debit/credit to enter the sessions. We only have one machine so in order to make things move a little faster I would recommend telling your parents to bring cash. :)

$5.00 for adults, $3.00 for Seniors/students and free for kids under 5 years old.


Session times-The sessions will run on time as scheduled. IF we are running early we do not plan to start the next session early. If we are running late, there is a chance the scheduled start time might run a bit later but I am hoping we do not run late. Fingers crossed! 


When to Arrive:

April 24th- Your dancers are welcome anytime after 1:00pm. The green room is available at 1:00pm and the dance studio is available after 2:00pm. 1st Session starts at 1:30pm (I recommend doing a bit of a warm up at home beforehand if you are in the 1:30pm session).

April 25th-Your dancers are welcome anytime after 1:00pm. The green room is available at 1:00pm and the dance studio is available after 3:15pm. 1st Session starts at 1:30pm.


Highlights Concert-

Studios will receive an email with whom is involved in Gala once the sections are finished.  

A NOTE FROM MISS KAREN: Once we receive the Gala Award & performance list we will update our website with the information. Please check back with us. Thank you. 

Q & A

Q: Do we have to stay the whole time

A: You can stay the whole day and cheer on your studio.  We'd love that!  Our Dancers do need to be there for their competition time and their awards / adjudication.  

Q: Can we come and go?

A: You might be able to do that.  Please watch the timing. It is best to not rush and have time for your Dancer to arrive relaxed and ready to take part in the competition experience.  

Q: If we don't like our competition day / time can we have it changed.

A: No we don't have any control over the schedule. 

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