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Friday, June 3, 2022

Posted May 17, 2022


Friday, June 3, 2022

 Dancer Drop Off                                                                                                        Dancer Pick Up                                                

Drop off 08:00 am      Olivia, Cassi, Lucy J                                          Pick up 09:40am

Drop off 08:35am       Lauryn, Lila, Hannah, Mersaya                    Pick up 10:45am

Drop off 09:40am        Audrey, Presley                                                  Pick up 11:10am

Drop off 10:05am        Cassidy, Ava, Abriella                                      Pick up 11:55am

Drop off 10:50am        Lochlyn, Alexandra, Neha, Claire               Pick up 12:35pm

Drop off 12:30pm        Ava A, Abby Mc, Brooklyn, India                 Pick up 02:25pm

Drop off 01:20pm        Isabella Martin, Charlotte, Natalie             Pick up 03:05pm

Drop off 02:15pm        Zephyra, Scarlett, Maika, Ariauna             Pick Up 04:00pm

Drop off 02:55pm        Anneliese, Sylvie                                                Pick Up 04:25pm


Our celebration will take place Monday, June 6 – 4:30-6:00pm. Pizza will be provided.  Please bring something small to share and Yes ~ Parents we want you there too!


Celebrating our 2021/22 KCDS Ballet Dancer's hard work and dedication.

Exam Day Checklist  


  • Ballet shoes: Spotlessly clean, with no worn sections, fraying or repairs. Elastics clean and firmly sewn on

  • Body Suit: Spotlessly clean, with no holes or repairs. Straps sewn securely in correct place on back to cover bra straps 

  • Tights: Spotlessly clean, with no runs or repairs.  Having an extra pair in your bag is a good idea. 

  • Underwear: nothing showing! 

  • Skirt: Please make sure it is clean. 

  • Hair Supplies: Yes, if you wish - we can help with hair but please  bring elastics, comb, brush, long bun pins, short bun pins, hairnets and lots of gel !!  

  • If you want us to do your bun please have your hair up in a pony tail. 

  • Remove: All earrings, nose rings, finger rings… any rings or any other jewelry that the examiner might see

  • Nail polish: none on fingers. Not even natural, nude etc. None- thank you. And check your nails are clean please.

  • Make-up: No make is necessary

  • Drop off & Pick up: Times are listed on the website. Don’t be late!

  • Quiet Please: Enter and exit the building as quietly as you can during exam days. Thank you

  • Hair Colour: please do not arrive with spray coloured hair that will show when in a bun.

  • Tattoos: washable tattoos should be  completely removed. Permeant tattoos must be covered by skin-tone mole skin.


A big thank you to every student for your focus and commitment as we have prepared for this exam session. Proud of all of you! Miss Chloe.