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Posted April 26, 2024

Miss Chloe


 June 8 & 9, 2024

Saturday, June 8

Arrive 01:50pm     Jelena, Annie, Abby, Khloe                    Pick up 03:40pm. 

Arrive 02:30pm     Ariana, Juliet, Amiah                              Pick up 04:15pm

Arrive 03:05pm     Olivia, Isabella, Eden, Stella                  Pick up 04:50pm

Sunday, June 9

Arrive 08:00am     Claire, Neha, Alex, Kate                          Pick up 09:55am

Arrive 08:45am     Ebony, Lochlyn, Maika, Ariauna              Pick up 10:40am

Arrive 09:45am     Sam, Chelsea, Evie                                 Pick up 11:35am

Arrive 10:25am     Scarlett, Presley, Cassi, Olivia                Pick up 12:20pm

Arrive 12:10am     Isabella, Charlotte, Natalie, Anneliese     Pick up 02:10pm

Arrive 01:00pm     Sylvie                                                       Pick up 02:45pm

Exam Day Checklist  


  • Ballet shoes: Spotlessly clean, with no worn sections, fraying or repairs. Elastics clean and firmly sewn on

  • Body Suit: Spotlessly clean, with no holes or repairs. Straps sewn securely in correct place on back to cover bra straps 

  • Tights: Spotlessly clean, with no runs or repairs.  Having an extra pair in your bag is a good idea. 

  • Underwear: nothing showing! 

  • Skirt: Please make sure it is clean. 

  • Hair Supplies: Yes, if you wish - we can help with hair but please  bring elastics, comb, brush, long bun pins, short bun pins, hairnets and lots of gel !!  

  • If you want us to do your bun please have your hair up in a pony tail. 

  • Remove: All earrings, nose rings, finger rings… any rings or any other jewelry that the examiner might see

  • Nail polish: none on fingers. Not even natural, nude etc. None- thank you. And check your nails are clean please.

  • Make-up: No make is necessary

  • Drop off & Pick up: Times are listed on the website. Don’t be late!

  • Quiet Please: Enter and exit the building as quietly as you can during exam days. Thank you

  • Hair Colour: please do not arrive with spray coloured hair that will show when in a bun.

  • Tattoos: washable tattoos should be  completely removed. Permeant tattoos must be covered by skin-tone mole skin.


A big thank you to every student for your focus and commitment as we have prepared for this exam session. Proud of all of you!  Miss Chloe


Our celebration will take place Monday, June 10 – 4:30-6:00pm. Pizza will be provided.  Please bring something small to share and Yes ~ Parents we want you there too!


Celebrating our 2023/24 KCDS Ballet Dancer's hard work and dedication.

Please register for the RAD Party - this helps us with our pizza order. There is no charge associated with registration. 

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