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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Posted October 2, 2019

Exam Day Checklist

PLEASE DO NOT WEAR A BRAND NEW body suit, character skirt ballet shoes or character shoes on the day of the exam. Wear them in class a few times first to be sure everything fits properly. Put socks over your new ballet shoes in class to keep them clean for your exam.



​​To the Second FLOOR as exams will be held on the 1st floor.

Pink Ballet Shoes 

Spotlessly clean, with no worn sections, fraying or repairs. Elastics clean and firmly sewn on 


Body Suit 

Spotlessly clean, with no holes or repairs.  Straps sewn securely in correct place on back of bodysuit, to cover bra straps. 



Spotlessly clean, with no runs or repairs. An extra pair in your dance bag ‘just in case’.  Convertible tights for Grade 6.


No underwear showing.  Bra colour should be ‘Nude’. 


Character Skirt 

 Skirt should be freshly pressed. (Ironed inside out is best) with 2 closures.  Either 2 heavy duty hooks and eye, or Velcro AND one hook and eye. Length of skirt should be at least 3 inches below knee cap, and not past mid shin. 


Character shoes 

Clean with elastic firmly sewn closed and/or snaps crazy glued.  Be sure elastic is tight over instep. Low heels for grade 1 and 2. Cuban heels (higher heel) only for grade 3 and up. 


Hair Supplies  

Yes, I would love to do your hair.  Bring elastics, comb, brush, long bun pins, short bun pins, hairnets and lots of gel.



Earrings, nose rings, finger rings, piercings and all other jewelry must be removed. 


Nail polish 

None on finger nails (or toe nails for Grade 6) Not even natural, nude etc. None. None. None!  Please check your nails are clean. 



Just what you would normally wear.  


Hair Colour 

Natural colour, no spray coloured hair that will show when in a bun. 



Washable tattoos should be completely removed.  Permeant tattoos must be covered by skin-tone mole skin. 


Goodbyes and Pickup 

In the parking lot please. Parents/siblings etc. are asked NOT to come upstairs to the studio. 


Drop off & Pick up Times  

These are listed on the website. Please be on time.  Not too early as it will be too crowded/noisy and please not late as  

we need enough time to get ready. RAD exams run on time and students cannot enter the exam once it has started. 

Quiet Please. Please enter and exit the building as quietly as you can during exam days. Thank you 





Please drop off and pick up in the Parking lot.  Thank you 


Please note these are not your exam times, but the times you need to arrive and leave.

Exam times have been updated. 

Posted October 2, 2019

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Drop off at 8.25am Pick up at 10.25am

Amanda D

Avani Q

Emily S


Drop off at 9.20am Pick up at 11.30am


Julia C

Madison M

Maya S


Drop off at 10.20am Pick up at 12.20pm

Chloe R

Ellah S

Lavanya B


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