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Posted: March 25, 2024

Updated: April 3, 2024 - added KCDS CompTeam Info & Guidelines




Audition Date: Saturday, April 27.

Auditions take place at Karen Clark Dance Studio.

KCDS 2024/2025 Competition Team Information & Guidelines click here

The Process

  • To Audition every dancer is required to submit online, the KCDS Competition Team Information and Guidelines Click here.   Please read it over with your dancer, sign and submit. Please pay close attention to what you are reading. Guidelines are closely followed.

  • Log into or if you're new to our studio please create your Studio Account.  You can create your account anytime but will not be able to register for auditions until they open. Click here

  • Audition Registration opens on Monday, April 22, 10:00am - Thursday, April 25 - Midnight, or until auditions are full. Audition registration is on a first come basis. Numbers are limited.  

  • Once registration is open you'll log into your studio account and select the audition time.

  • Cost of $20.00* (*includes GST) will be charged at the time of check out. 

  • If you are auditioning for CREW and Company – you will register for both auditions and receive two different numbers.

  • If you have more that one dancer auditioning please submit KCDS Competition Team Information & Guidelines form for each Dancer.

  • Audition numbers will be given out at the audition.

  • Successful Candidates will receive an e-mail between 3pm-8pm on May 28 offering a placement on Karen Clark Dance Studio's Competition Team. The email will also list pre-approved classes as well as directions on how to register on-line until May 30 @ midnight.   ​​

  • Questions, please email us prior to audition day.  


Age 7-9, Grade 2-5 in school

1. Crew-         0100-0200 Studio 1

2. Company-  0230-0330 Studio 2

Age 10-13 Grade 6-8 in school

3. Crew-        1130-1245 Studio 1

4. Company- 0100-0215 Studio 2


Age 14+ Grade 9-12 in school

5. Crew-         0215-0330 Studio 1

6. Company-  0345-0500 Studio 2


RETURNING DANCERS 18+ If you are returning KCDS Comp Team Member please register. No audition necessary. 

7. Dancers Edge    RETURNING 


NEW DANCERS 18+ please contact the studio office 250-658-0445. 

Submit before registration




2. Log into your KCDS account / create your KCDS account to register CLICK HERE

Additional Audition Information

  • Dancers will be asked to learn a few styles of choreography and cross floor combinations

  • Dancers auditioning should be 7 turning 8 this coming year.

  • Auditions are CLOSED - no observers.

  • Dancer's are to audition with their age group.

  • Dancers please stretch at home so you arrive warmed-up.

  • Dancers will then go into the studio. 

  • Choreography will be taught to the dancers.

  • A panel will observe the Dancer.

  • Groups may be broken down into smaller groups.

  • We strive to make auditions enjoyable and encourage our dancers to think of it as a class. 

  • Dancers work in their comfort zone. 

  • After auditions are over dancers will be ready for pick up.

Requirements for Performance Company Members

  • Dancers will train in Exam Ballet, Jazz and tap.  

  • We will focus on all aspects of performance, with a strong emphasis on technique and performance ability.

  • Companies perform in recitals and are afforded extra performance opportunities. These will include Dance Competitions/Conventions, for which applicable fees will apply.

  • Company Member in select companies will require both black and beige jazz shoes. 

  • All company levels may not be filled.  Karen Clark Dance Studio reserves the right to add or delete levels as required.​

Requirements for Hip Hop CREW Members

  • CREW Dancers are required to take a 2nd class (hip hop, jazz, tap, company) 

  • We focus on all aspects of performance, with a strong emphasis on hip hop technique and performance ability 

  • CREWS perform in recitals and are afforded extra performance opportunities. These will include Dance Competitions/Conventions, for which applicable fees will apply

  • CREW Dancers are required to wear Black Hip Hop Converse Shoe.


A Note To Families

An audition can be a valuable learning tool. Whether it is for dance or a job interview later in life. We want every dancer who auditions to feel successful because they have committed to the audition process. By following through with the process we will do our best to direct each one of our dancers as an individual, while treating them with respect and a healthy dose of praise for auditioning. Audition placements are limited. When a placement is not forth coming this can be very upsetting to a dancer. If you have a dancer that is attending the audition that would be extremely disappointed if they were not successful, please consider carefully if they are up to the audition process. We thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work with your dancer.

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