Posted April 15, 2021

   Updated April 19, 2021

Updated April 21, 2021

Updated May 20, 2021 

RAD EXAM Prep classes with Miss Chloe

Please check below. 

Late Spring Exam Session

In preparing for an upcoming exam each Dancer has three prep classes.

  1. to the review entire syllabus with individual spacing

  2. to review entrances, exits, partnerships and spacing of individual dances

  3. for a mock exam

These three classes have been included in your annual RAD Class Tuition. There is no additional charges for prep classes.  

Your regular class schedule on either Mondays / Thursdays will still happen on their normal days and times. The classes listed below are additional Exam Prep Classes. 

Grade 2A

Annika Kaarls

Josephine Wilbee

Abby McColl

Adrianna Forrester

Grade 2B

Jayden Pitman

Neveah Aitken

Kamryn Evans-Kingston

Brooke Watson

Grade 4A

Marley Eisen

Janaya Quinn

Grade 4B

Brianna Archambault

Abby Sschwartz

Victoria Punwani

Grade 4C

Skylar Franklin

Ella Davies

Katie Tinnis

Grade 6A

Reyhana Smith

Avani Quinn


Grade 6B

Ellah Shields

Madison McKechnie

Chloe Reimann

Lavanya Bawa

Grade 7

Sam Johns

Cassie Danyluk

Tija Dalep

Kiara Habity

Exam Prep Classes



Thursday, June 3rd Floor 2

7. 45 – 8.45 pm Grade 7 A

Updated: MAY 19, 2021

Mask Update
Dancers will wear a mask during their exam.  Masks are neutral colour, 2 ply, adjustable straps, with a nose wire. Dancers will receive their mask in an upcoming class.  COST: $9.50 including tax.  The amount will be posted to your KCDS account and charged in June. Thank you.