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Posted: 10-23-23

updated: 10-26-23

Updated: 10-27-23

Dancers we are excited to see you at Groove Street this weekend.

Following is some important information.  

Click here for the actual 2023 Groove Street Schedule



October 28 & 29



Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel

15269 104th Avenue · Surrey, British Columbia, V3R 1N


Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel


WRIST BAND PICK UP, SATURDAY, October 28, 9:00am

All our dancers are registered - you do not need to attend registration.

Please meet Miss Karen in the Intermediate ball room on the second floor (Ball Room name is Tynehead if you're looking for it on the hotel mapat 9:00am on Saturday, October 28. Wrist bands (including observers ordered through KCDS) will be handed out, then dancers will move to the warm up room.  All dancers warm up together.  After warm up Dancers will move their their ball rooms. Warm up starts at 9:30am, be ready at that time

Need to contact Miss Karen during our weekend

You call the studio office 250-658-0445 or email the studio 

Both the studio email and phone will be monitored during the weekend. 

Teachers going to Groove Street

Miss Karen, Miss Richelle and Miss Nicole will be at Groove Street. When we start on Saturday morning we will be checking on our dancers to make sure they are in level that best suits them. 

What to bring to Groove Street - label items with your name.

  • Your dance bag (keep it zipped up!)

  • Water Bottle - (Very important with so many classes back to back)

  • Snacks - please stay away from peanut/nut snacks - there are many that are anaphylactic

  • Dance shoes, tap, jazz, lyrical

  • Dance attire that they would wear to class at the studio. 

  • Hair can be in a pony tail, securely fixed so you are not having to fix it after every turn. 

  • KCDS Studio jacket. 

What you don't need to bring

  • Dancers won't need hip hop shoes. Wear your runners, (less chance of getting those shoes lost)

  • Dancers won't need their ballet shoes. 


It is best to have a lunch packed as there is limited time to leave and get food elsewhere. If parents wish to bring back lunch, there is a food court at Guildford Mall 2 blocks away, as well as Subway, Tim Hortons and more on 152nd street nearby. Lunch break is only 30 minutes each day, and these are quite busy prior to break time.  

Audition Class

We are fortunate enough to have an audition class on the schedule. These classes are intended to give the dancers experience in the audition process. KCDS encourages ALL of our Dancers to take part.  Think of the Audition Class as 'another' class - attend, have fun and enjoy the experience!

Keep those bags zipped up

Dancers will need their dance shoes and dance bag.  Bags normally are kept in the dance room with you. Please remember when you leave your bag - ZIP IT UP - don't walk away and leave your bag open. Don't have valuable items in your bag.  If you must keep valuables ($, phone)  - please make sure they are tucked in a pocket/down the side of the bag/hidden - not laying on top.  Keep your bag zipped up please!

Buddy up please

If your dancer is going to be moving around the hotel without an adult please speak with them about being with a buddy. The hotel is full of dancers for the weekend, as lovely as that is - it's important to remember that we are still in a public building with many people we do not know. No one is too old to have a friend by their side.  

Classes Cancelled

Friday, October 27

  •  Jr Tap  Fri330-2, Miss Richelle

  •  Jr Co   Fri415-1, Miss Joey

  •  Sr Tap Fri445-2, Miss Richelle

  •  Sr Co  Fri330-2, Miss Richelle

Paper Cut Heart
Sat when we meet to give out the wrist bands we will take a group photo! 

Posted 10-27-23 2:10pm


Hello Dance Families, 

I just opened this email below from Groove Street Productions. I just received it at 1:05pm today.  

It's interesting - I've no experience with this rule in the past. 

See you all soon. 

Karen Clark


Hello everyone!

Welcome to your last minute email from GSP!
The hotel has just informed us that outside food is not allowed inside the hotel venue. Packed lunches must be eaten in your hotel room or outside the venue.  The hotel will have a kiosk set up until 2pm each day with quick lunch options to go. The restaurant is also open for lunch and dinner.

We realize this is not ideal, and they have been lenient in the past. However, this year the rule seems quite strict.

Please be sure to share this with you dancers and families. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you so much for helping with this.

We appreciate you!

Joanne & Ales
Groove Street Productions Dance Conventions

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