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Please check your arrival schedule often - last minute changes sometimes happen.

How to contact us during competition day?  

Send us an email please click here

Posted: March 10, 2023

Updated: March 20, 23, Classes During VDC



held at The Westin Bayshore

 1601 Bayshore Drive, Vancouver, BC, V6G 2V4

  • Doors Open at 7:00 am. 1 hour before the event starts.

  • ARRIVAL TIMES are listed below. Competitions can run early and we need to be ready.

  • Electronic event programs will be available for all your families on our website and on the DanceBUG app on the first day of competition. Hard copies are also available for purchase.

  • Admission is free

  • Due to the small dressing area please be mindful or your items. Keep your bags closed and your costumes/pieces together. Come with your hair and makeup done.

  • Dancers need to stay for the award session after their performance. 

  • All KCDS dancers please wear your competition team jacket when in the audience and on stage during awards session.

  • Please remember when wearing that jacket, you are representing yourself and KCDS!

  • We are proud to share the stage with all dancers from every studio. We look forward to cheering for everyone. 

  • Photography and videography is prohibited in the theatre.

  • Food & Drinks are not permitted in theatres unless otherwise stated.

  • Only Dancer permitted in the backstage area.



07- 7:18am Space Jam

10- 7:27am Y’all Ready for This

16- 7:46am We made It

17- 7:49am Beautiful Things Can Happen

20- 7:58am Me Too

26- 8:19am Sir Duke

28- 8:25am Pirates of the Caribbean

34- 8:42am Till I Collapse

36- 8:55 am Mambo Italiano

10:08am Awards, & Break


40- 9:38am Ain’t Nobody here but us Chickens

41- 9:41am Under the Sea Ice

46- 9:57am Friend Like Me

48- 10:03am Planet Mars

55- 10:35am Danceable Dolls

62- 10:51am Sinking Feeling

76- 11:40am Bat Dance

12:56pm Awards, Top Novice Awards & Lunch


081- 12:59pm Be Humble

084- 1:08pm You Know What’s Up

088- 1:21pm Time

111- 2:48pm Drummers Beat

4:22 pm Awards & Break


125- 3:52pm Be a Boss

129- 4:08pm Alive

133- 4:20pm Zoot Suit Riot

134- 4:23pm La Bayadere 2nd

135- 4:26pm Spirit of the Tree

136- 4:29pm What a Wonderful World

147- 5:05pm Stone Cold

148- 5:13pm Sleep Beauty Blue Bird Variation

152- 5:26pm Swing Phenomenon

159- 5:49pm Wide Awake

6:52 pm Awards & Dinner


160- 6:52pm Bass Drop

162- 6:58pm Uproar

176- 7:41pm 1-2 Step

177- 7:44pm Thunder

190- 8:30pm Le Jazz Hot

9:43 pm Awards



214- 8:06am Close Every Door

230- 8:58am The Garden

232- 9:04am Trust in Me

10:16 am Awards & Break


236- 9:46am Bring Them Out

244- 10:12am Power Puff Girls

252- 10:36am Guardians of the Gate

12:59 pm Awards, Lunch, Top Pre-Competitive Awards


276- 12:59pm Sing Sing Sing

4:25 pm Awards


363- 7:22 pm Variations

10:09 pm Awards



563- 7:19pm Lose Yourself

572- 7:48pm New Drop New York

587- 8:41pm OldSkool Crew

9:45 pm Awards



593- 7:15am Open Hands

605- 7:52am Dance Apocalypse

10:18am Awards


633- 10:01am You’re on your own Kid

648- 10:46am Come Home to Me

656- 11:16am Good Day Coming

672- 12:06pm Esrever

1:10 pm Awards & Lunch


673- 1:10pm Turn to Stone

684- 1:44pm Ruby Blue

735- 2:49pm Amen

3:53 pm Awards


701- 3:23pm Dream

736- 4:58pm Pump It Up

5:43pm Awards & Dinner


*7:30 pm Final Hour Showdown 8:00 pm Top Competitive Awards/Final Over All Awards.  

*Dancers are not expected to stay for the Final Hour Showdown.  It too late considering we all have to get home on the ferry. 

Q & A

Q: Do we have to stay the whole time

A: You are welcome to stay the whole day and cheer on your studio.  We'd love that!  For certain Dancers do need to be there for their competition time and their awards / adjudication.  

Q: Can we come and go?

A: You might be able to do that.  Please watch the timing. It is best to not rush and have time for your Dancer to arrive relaxed and ready to take part in the competition experience.  

Q: If we don't like our competition day / time can we have it changed.

A: No we don't have any control over the schedule. 


A gentle reminder to confirm your hotel reservations.  Reservations were made some time ago. Now that we have the schedule you will know exactly the days needed. 



Wednesday April 12th

Studio 1

Wed330-1, Grade 2   Class being held as normal

Wed430-1, Grade 3   Class is CANCELLED

Wed530-1, Crew  4    Class is CANCELLED 


Thursday April 13th

Studio 1

Thu415-1,  Grade 3  Class is CANCELLED

Thu515-1,  Perf        Class is CANCELLED

Thu600-1,  Grade 5  Class is CANCELLED


Studio 2

Thu500-2, Grade 1  Class being held as normal

Thu600-2, Grade 4  Class is CANCELLED

Thu700-2, Grade 7  Class being held as normal

Thu800-2, Open      Class being held as normal

Thu900-2, Perf        Class being held as normal 


Friday April 14th

Studio 1

Fri445 & 545-1 Co 3 Tech/Co 3  Class is CANCELLED

Fri615-1, Int. Lyrical                    Class is CANCELLED

Fri700-1, Acro                             Class is CANCELLED


Studio 2

Fri345-2, Tap Production             Class is CANCELLED

Fri415-2, Sr. Tap                          Class is CANCELLED

Fri 500 & 600-2, Co 4                  Class is CANCELLED


Saturday April 15th

Studio 1

Sat0915-1, Crew 5                       Class is CANCELLED

Sat1000-1, Tap                             Class is CANCELLED 


Sunday April 16th 

Studio 1

Sun500-1, Intermediate                Class being held as normal

Sun600-1, Pointe                          Class being held as normal        

Sun630-1, Adv. F                          Class being held as normal

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