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Posted: 3/6/2023


2023 ~ Picture Date ~ April 2

Competition Team & Competition Classes

Please look for your class time and your arrival time will be listed above it.

  • All pictures are taken at KCDS. 

  • We welcome photographer Miss Noelle.

  • Companies, CREWS and Competition Classes will have their group photo only.

  • Cost $5.00 / dancer / dance - this amount will be posted to your KCDS account and charged on 3/ 30/2023

  • No individual photos will be taken.

  • Individual photos and APO photos will be available from The VIEW Dance Challenge weekend.

  • Digital group photos will be accessible online with a code in June.  

  • Please look for your class day and time below. 

  • Please bring your costumes, props, shoes etc.

  • Please arrive at the time listed below.

  • Please arrive with your hair and make-up done.

  • Once at the studio please don’t leave until you last photo is taken.


Sunday April 2

The following class please arrive at 11:30am

Fri 7:00-1, Competition Acro (JD) please try to warm up before your photo


The following classes please arrive at 11:45am

Wed 5:30-1, CREW 4 (LS)

Sat   9:15-1, CREW 5 (AH)

Fri    6:15-1,  Int. Lyrical (JD)


The following classes please arrive at 12:00pm

Tue 5:45-1,  Sr. Lyrical (RE)

Fri   4:45-1,  Company 3 (JD)

Sat 10:00-1, Jr. Tap (AH)


The following classes please arrive at 12:15pm

Mon 7:30/Fri 3:45-2,  Tap Production (RB)

Tues 3:45-1,  Company 2 (RE)

Wed 8:00-1,  Tap Extension 1 (RB)


The following classes please arrive at 12:30pm

Tues 4:45-2, Int. Tap (TW)

Wed 8:45-1, Jazz Extension 1 (RB)

Tues 5:45-2, Int. Contemporary (CH)

Wed 8:45-1,  Lyrical Extension 1(RB)

Tues 9:00-1, Sr. Adv Tap (CH)

Tues 9:00-1, OldSkoolCREW (DW)

Mon 6:45-1,  CREW 1 (MM)

Tues 6:45-2, CREW 2 (DW)


The following classes please arrive at 1:00pm

Tue 6:45-2,  Sr. Contemporary (CH)

Tue 7:45-2,  Contemporary Ensemble (CH)

Tue 8:15-1,  CREW 3 (DW)

Fri 4:30-2,    Sr. Tap (RB)

Tue 7:45-2,  Lyrical Ensemble (CH)

Mon 9:15-2, Dancers Edge (RB)

Mon 8:45-2, Company 1 (RB)

Fri 5:00-2,    Company 4 (RB)

Mon 8:00-2, Company 1/Dancers Edge (RB)

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