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POSTED: 4-1-21

It is important to check back closer to the start of Recital REEL and review the 



 for any updates. 

Updates - if any, will be dated and coloured so they are easy to see.  

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Performing and giving!

We ask our Dance Families to bring a non-perishable food item when they come on their perform day.  Food items will be donated to the Victoria Mustard Seed

Thank you!

Please review the following information  -  THANK YOU!

Recital REEL

  • It's important our Dancers enjoy the element of performance and continue to build their confidence.  Recital REEL will allow our Dancers a performance opportunity putting together a showcase of our 2020/2021 dance year.  Our Recital Videographer, John Carswell from Shine *Ola Communication (whom has worked with KCDS filming our recitals for the past 28 years) will be set up on our 1st floor studio for filming.  Once complete our Recital REEL will be created and the footage will be dropped into your on line Dance Bug account for streaming.  



  • This year we waited until we knew exactly what our plan for our year end would be. 

  • $25.00 / per class / per Dancer will be posted to your KCDS account and charged on April 2. 

  • This is for 2021 only.  In 2022 the Recital Fee will go back to $89.00 / per class / per Dancer. 


  • May, (Tuesday) 4, (Wednesday) 5, (Friday) 7, (Saturday) 8 will be when Recital REEL will take place.

  • Please check your Dancer's 'Class Confirmation' sent to your email inbox. 

  • You will find your Dancer's film day and arrival time.  

  • Please note the day and time as in some cases they do not match normal class time. 

  • If you need your Dancer's 'Class Confirmation' resent please request that by sending us an email 


  • Karen Clark Dance Studio. 

  • Dancers will arrive and wait in the under covered area just like they do for class. 

  • Dancers will change into their Dance shoes and carry up your outdoor shoes and other dance shoes needed.

  • At their expected arrival time their teacher will come down and collect them. 

  • Dancers will be picked up at the same location they are dropped off.


  • At select times we will welcome a new class. 

  • Dancers will warm up on the 2nd floor and then proceed to the 1st floor studio for filming. 

  • We have done our best to place Dancers involved in more than one class close together.  


  • Please arrive on time - at the time noted in your Dancer's 'Class Confirmation.'


  • Dancers will arrive performance ready. 

  • Dancers please dress in black. (EXCEPTION: Our Littles - if they were pink to class please wear their pink dance outfit.)

  • We will have a Recital REEL T-shirt for each Dancer. 

  • Hair in a proper dance bun.  If your Dancer is in a hip hop class only they can wear a pony tail. 

  • Light makeup;  Light brown Eye Shadow, mascara, blush.  With lighting, make up will be helpful to brighten faces.

  • Appropriate dance shoes.  

  • Black Mask please.  (EXCEPTION: Our Littles may wear the mask they normally wear to dance.) 


  • Dancers receiving attendance awards / graduation recognition will receive their award / recognition directly after their performance. 

  • Awards presentations will be included in the 'Recital REEL' footage. 


  • Families are invited to take their Dancer's photo, outside, after their 'Recital REEL' time is completed.  

  • There will be no photos with Mr Gordon this year. 

FEELING UNWELL - Please stay home

  • Dancers must feel 100% well to take part in Recital REEL.  

DANCERS ONLY - No audience

  • Only our Dancers in the building - thank you.  


  • Q: Why is there a Recital Fee of $25.00 / per class / per dancer

  • A: This will cover costs for the equipment, videographer, editing, Dance Bug Streaming, t-shirts and will provide our Dancers with a solid performance opportunity.  

  • Q: My Dancer is in a combination class for tap and jazz, does that count as 2 classes?

  • A: Combination classes are counted as 1 class.  Example: tap/jazz/hip hop combo class charged will be $25.00 

  • Q: Does Recital REEL follow my Dancers same class day and time?

  • A: You will have received a 'Class Confirmation' via email.  Please check the day and time as they could be different. 

  • Q: How long will my Dancer be at Recital REEL filming?

  • A: 30 minutes.  You can plan to pick up your Dancer 30 minutes after you drop them off. 

  • Q: Will Dancers perform in their masks?

  • A: Yes, please bring a black face mask.  

  • Q: Is there a dress rehearsal?

  • A: Dancers will warm up on floor 2 and run their dance.  When Dancers go down to the video studio on the 1st floor they will have a chance to block their dance before filming.  

  • Q: How many cameras will be filming each routine

  • A: We are using 2 cameras.  One for a side wide shot and one for close ups.  

  • Q: Do we come early?

  • A: Please arrive at the time listed in your Dancer's 'Class Confirmation'.  Every 30 min we will have a new class arrive.  

  • Q: How will I gain access to Recital REEL footage?

  • A: Once the editing is completed the Recital REEL will be sent to Dance Bug.  Existing Families with a Dance Bug account will be able to access it in their account.  If you are a new family, you will create your Dance Bug account and gain access.  The studio will send out an email when the Recital REEL footage is ready for streaming.  

  • Q: How long will it be before Recital REEL is ready for streaming?

  • A: We are thinking approximately 4 weeks.  You will get an email once Recital REEL is ready for viewing. 

  • Q: My Dancer is to receive an attendance award / is graduating.  How do I make sure they are on Miss Karen's list?

  • A: Please confirm with us by emailing the studio - e-mail

  • Q: Last year's Recital I gave my Dancer flowers, can I do that this year?

  • A: Yes, of course, this is your Dancer's yearend performance.  They have worked hard and it's a big deal!  After Dancers are done their performance is the perfect time to present your Dancer.  A presentation can be 1 carnation, a bouquet or anything in between. 

  • Q: Why are Families asked to bring a food item to donate?

  • A: We are lucky to be able to dance in person and finish off our dance year.  Having Dance in our lives is a blessing and we want to give back to our community. 

  • Q: Is the Recital REEL the end of the 2020/2021 Stage Dance Year?

  • A: Yes, the day your Dancer films Recital REEL is their last day of classes.  We sincerely thank you for staying with us!  

  • Q: I still have questions.

  • A: Please contact the studio office email or phone 250-658-0445.

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